Monday, September 24, 2007

Just a little update

Well, Jock made the PeeWee AA hockey team!! That means much more ice time than previous years. Which is good. He is determined that he will make the NHL one day, so the more ice time for him, the better. We had four games this weekend and will have four more next weekend. Was pretty hectic this weekend, especially since Clown and Princess are coming down with something.

Yesterday I took him to his last game so that Stud could stay home and spend time with the younger two and give Cryptic some free time so that he didn't have to always babysit. We were running a little late and Jock was none too pleased that I had Stud take a photo of us. Jock looked SO GREAT in his suit, I needed a shot of him.

He is # 12 in the white. His position is center, if anyone knows anything about hockey. He is upset at me, because I still don't understand the game. He chided me because this is the start of his fifth season and I still don't get it. I missed so much the season of '05-'06 because I was in a funk from my brother dying and all. I still have not caught up. Many of the people in the association had never even seen me and I am sure they must have wondered if Stud was a single father or something.

After the game we were starved and he wanted to go to the Olive Garden. He LOVES it there. He had to check out his hair in the mirror on the wall. He is so funny:)I love it when he needs to wear a suit to church or the hockey games. He looks so handsome. At least to me. And all the girls who stare and titter and giggle with each other. His brothers love to point out to him how the girls all seem to really like him.

Stud put shiney pink highlights in Princess' hair yesterday and painted her nails. She LOVED IT! Sure looks like they have been drinking or into some kinda drugs, eh??

It is Tuesday night now, not sure when it will say this posted. Princess and Jock went to a pottery place yesterday and got to use the wheel and everything. Jock LOVED IT! Clown is waiting for me to play Mastermind with him, so I need to skidaddle.

At some point soon I will sort through people's comments and post them...I hope!


sydwynd said...

What's to know about hockey? You push the puck around with the stick and try and shoot it into the goal. Pretty simple.

I'd have been concerned if Princess put pink highlights in Stud's hair and painted his fingernails pink.

Lowa said...

Yeah, you would think so, wouldn't you?? Apparently it is not so simple. There are specific positions and the people with each position have a different role in the process of the game. I still have to learn it. I am slowly learning the calls the Refs give and can even question them now and think, "Wasn't that icing??" or "Why aren't you calling that kid for hooking??" etc. You see:)

Wow, yes. I braided Stud's hair yesterday and took pictures. He would be none to pleased if I posted those shots:) LOL But we draw the line at pink highlights and pink nails. Black nails...maybe. Not pink:)