Thursday, March 01, 2007

Butterfly in a Winter Wonderland!

Until then, I wanted to post some pictures of the fun times in the recent snow and finally unveil my new body art!


NTFrog said...

YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! SNOW!!!!!!!! Somewhere else besides here.... yippee!!!!
It looks so clean, too. Oh, and nice tattoo! My Princess says "pretty purple Butterfly".

Library Mama said...

Your butterfly is beautiful!

Has your puppy ever grown! But he doesn't seem to be very happy about his coat of snow. :-(

Your snow looks a lot like the big snow we got yesterday and today.

Jude said...


Lowa said...

C-Yes, we got a bit, eh?? Stud is out at a movie with Cryptic right now and has been instructed to attempt to purchase the paper with the article with Elden in it. I hope he can still get one! Tell A thanks about the butterfly:) She can see it in person this summer, I hope old Auntie L doesn't freak her out with all her tattoos! LOL

LM- Yes, my poor boy:( He loved running in it, but wasn't impressed with the results! I felt bad making him sit for the picture like that, but I HAD to get one!

He was 2 lbs 9 ounces about a week after we got him and is now 7 lbs 2 oz:( *sniff* I hope he stops!

Jude- OH YEAH!!!!!!!! And I totally agree with what you said about wishing it could just not be in the streets and sidewalks, wouldn't that be incredible!?!?!

Lowa said...

Oh, LM. Thanks about the butterfly! I like it:)

Erica said...

hey i just found out i can leave comments! fun!
i think "princess" looks like me when i was her age in that last one!

Lowa said...

Erica- Hi baby girl! Everyone, this is my niece, Erica:)

Are you kidding?? She looks like you in almost every picture we take of her. I am so glad too, cause I know she will be at least almost as gorgeous as you when she is your age:)

Love you!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Reminds me of when my grandchildren came to visit from California. We were in the mountains letting them play and sleigh when suddenly the oldest boy started screaming and running to the car. After a few panic moments we found out he realized that snow was cold and he didn't like it. Hmmmmmm, takes after his mother.

Lowa said...

Tim- HA! Funny story about your grandson!