Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brom, Jock and Beast

Jock was home quite sick today. I am taking him to the Dr. tomorrow. We leave on Monday, so he is really missing a lot of school. We are pulling him out and HSing him again, so it doesn't matter that much. He doesn't know that yet though. So any of you who may talk to him in the meantime, please don't say anything to him. Stud and I need to tell him in our own way and we have it planned as to when that will be.

So here are CUTE pictures of Brom sleeping with him today. Jock slept most of the day and has the seal bark cough. Don't think it IS Croup, but I will take him in anyway. If he is sick for this tournament, we will be REALLY bummed!

Another thing to note happened today. Clown found this costume I got him for about $7 during the sales in November. He tried this on and was annoyed that his hair got in the way. So he asked me to shave his head. I don't know if it is just me because I gave birth to him, but I think he is pretty darn good looking!



NTFrog said...

For a minute, I thought maybe Clown had requested a new codename too: Beast!
Hey, Jock, get well soon, so you can perform at your best at the tournament! Good luck!
And Clown, I love your new look - is that thing from a movie, or just a cool-looking beast?

Lowa said...

C- Actually, he HAS requested a new codename. I told him it would confuse my fan base and all my many readers:) LOL So I said I would think about it. Jock miraculously bounced back and was mad that I took him from his 5th period class yesterday to be checked at the Dr. office. He is at his awards ceremony as I type this. I had to miss it because Princess had a soccer game:( *sniff*

Apparently it is from X Men or some such?? Heard of them, but never seen any of the movies or whatever and of course he has not either. He is just tickled with this costume though!!

Jude said...

I'm sure glad he's feeling better now! And wow Brom is sure a cutie!

Did you get my email?

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I still check on you. I see life around your house is still interesting and full of surprises. Keep in touch.

sydwynd said...

Hope he's feeling all better now. Those are very cute pictures.

I promise I won't tell him anything if I see him.

Library Mama said...

Cute costume.

Even cuter puppy.

Hope everything is going well.

Lowa said...

Jude- Well, now Jock is sick with something he caught from his baby cousin while in Calgary. But he was still able to play hockey and we are all on the mend, Stud got it last and is still fighting it a bit. Yes, we adore our Brommy and were THRILLED to pick him up last night on our way home. Yes, I got your e-mail, thanks!

Tim- Hi! Good to hear from you:) I need to pop by your blog and check out your news soon. Last I checked, you were busy driving those kids around a lot!

Vince- Thanks, glad you wouldn't say anything to Jock. We told him and he took it fine. More on that if I can post on my blog soon:)

LM- Just got back last night from Alberta. Will post about it soon. Off to take Cryptic to the ortho. Need to catch up on your blog soon!