Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not boring!

Pardon me for being scarce. Much has been happening.

Thus the title!

I don't have time to tell much news, but I did want to announce that our homeschooling group is almost done our yearbook. We always have a contest for the front and back covers. The kids draw something, enter their art and then we all vote. This year Jock won the back cover! We are very excited and proud. Those art classes are paying off:) The winner of the front cover is a sweet young friend of Clown's. Jock himself voted for that one! It is very nice.

I will also post a few pictures of the recent visit from our niece G. You may recall last summer I posted pictures of when Cryptic and Princess went up to spend a few weeks at my parents house. They had a wonderful time with G then and again this past visit.

She was Princess' show and tell. She taught her classmates some basic Arabic, showed them on a map where Syria is and told them some things about her past four years living in Damascus. She was quite a hit!

This will have to do for now, I hope to post more news soon!

Ok, this is not working and won't let me add photos right now. Maybe later!


sydwynd said...

Life is always busy this time of year. Congrats to Jock on the cover!

Jude said...

Hey darlin' I was wondering where you got to! Yes, Blogger is causing many people big headaches posting pictures of late. And I'm one of them.

Glad to hear all is well!

Library Mama said...

You have been busy!

Congrats to Jock. Hopefully you'll have a chance to post his art so we can see it.

Lowa said...

Vince- Tell me about it! I have popped in and read your blog here and there and no time to comment! Soon...

Jude- Same as what I said to Vince! LOL Will comment soon:)

LM- Yup! Sure have. Yes, I need to find a photo of the winning piece. It is a Panda done with chalk pastels on blue paper.