Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yet another perk... homeschooling. Here is Jock doing lessons in one of his favourite spots! I snapped this a few weeks back:)

I don't do blogs much anymore. I have discovered Facebook and really enjoy all the variety that it offers. Not to mention how exciting it is to keep in contact with family members and get in touch with long lost friends from elementary school!

I will attempt to be more active on here again as time permits. I am trying to spend more quality time with the kids, get more scheduled (it goes against my nature but appears to be the only way anything really gets done!) and organised with my time, etc.

Hope everyone is doing well! I do miss you all, but try to limit my time on the computer. My babies will be gone from the nest before I know it and I want to soak up every moment with them:)

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Jude said...

I understand completely hon, but I have missed you! I can see the perks of homeschooling just by those pics. And you're right, kids grow up so fast!