Friday, November 02, 2007


Wow, that felt good!

I just sprayed Cryptic and Jock with cold water! I have been telling them to get up for the past 45 minutes. I think they have slept long enough and it is time to leave soon for our weekly Science class. They know if they don't get up when they are told, they get sprayed. I have not been able to bring myself to do it for a long time. And honestly, there is often no reason. We seldom have to get up at any certain time.

That was very fun! I hope I get to do that again soon! *insert evil laugh*

I guess I will post a photo from Wednesday night. Man, I am glad that junk is over. Me no likey.

Here are the Ghoul (same as last year, but he just handed out candy. He has no interest in getting any anymore!) some kind of "hobo" that Jock put together himself last minute, Beast from some movie Clown has never even seen and the "Hollywood Starlet". She wanted to be a witch but when Stud took her shopping, there were no witch costumes in her size:(

Can you spot the little furry pumpkin?? LOL

Off to Science! But first stop, my white mocha from the little stand near the house. MUCH better than Starbucks! I still get Starbucks for some things, but their white mochas are far too sweet. This place makes them PERFECT!

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