Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nuffin' much

Wow, as I went to get on here, it says I have 64 comments that need to be "moderated". I KNEW I was behind! LOL

So yeah, Stud and I had a great time on Kaua'i. I will tell a bit more about it soon, I promised Princess that I would have a tea party with her and watch Frosty the Snowman. I need to bake and clean Stud and I's room too. I want to rearrange Princess' room so her bed is not against the wall. That will be a few hours' undertaking, so who knows if I will get to it today. I was going to do these things earlier, but then remembered that the HSing group was going to meet at a Bouncy place that the kids LOVE and we have not been in a long time. So I took them to that and then out for lunch at the Golden Arches. There is a lot more to do also, so I better get to it!!

Before I do all that I wanted to just post a few shots from the holiday.

Behold, my new tat.

If you want to see Stud's, you can go to his lame blog

Here is one of Stud snorkeling ~

The view from our patio (or should I say, "Lanai") was GORGEOUS!

Ok, that is all for now!!!


Jude said...

You both got nice tats!

And that last shot is gorgeous..... darn I miss Hawaii.

Rick said...

Hawaii is a beautiful place - been to O'ahu and Maui, but never Lana'i

sydwynd said...

Very nice tat! So colorful!

I visited Oahu a LOOONG time ago and it was similarly nice. Sounds like you had a great time.

Marian said...

Gee, I guess no long likes you anymore, since no one posted about this. :)

Ahh, never mind. I still love you. :)