Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, even though Cryptic just turned 15, I don't think it has occured to him to refuse to be in the annual Santa picture. I daresay he enjoys it!??! LOL He even dragged himself out of bed hours before usual, in order to sit in the car and wait while his sibs were in their Monday morning classes and we could stop by the Mall on the way home!:)

I let them all wear whatever they wanted this year. He chose to wear the same sweater he wore last year, which is too small! He actually asked me to buy a new green one, but I never found one we liked or had much time to search. I suggested he wear something that fit, but that was my only small does of input. LOL Jock and Clown chose just an every day shirt and of course Princess...well, we all know Princess had a blast putting this outfit together! She is especially fond of the bow on the collar of her dress and her snowflake necklace and earrings:)

Do any of you regular readers even recognise my sweet Cryptic?? I shaved his head a few weeks ago:) NO more "Mop Head"! That is what his Oceanography teacher calls him:)

Ok, off to Vancouver tomorrow to pick up my parents who are flying in to stay with the kids while Stud and I head here...


clairesgarden said...

Cryptic looks lots older and very, very serious with his hair like that.
nice that they will all go to get their picture taken. hope you have a nice holiday season.

sydwynd said...

First thing I wondered was who that kid was! Wow, what a difference! Call me old fashioned, but I think he looks much more handsome that way.

Your daughter is just a doll!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Dooneybug said...

Your kids are just so sweet! I love that picture with Santa, it looks like he's whispering a secret to Princess.

Have fun on your trip! Wish I was headed there instead of being here in the frozen tundra of the US!!

Chas said...

Well, he doesn't look especially interested in the picture, but it's sweet that he's still willing to do it :).

Jude said...

Wow I was going to ask, "what happened to all the hair?" LOL

You're going to Kauai!! Maui is my favourite place on the planet, but I never hopped over to Kauai.... I hope you have a great time!

Chris said...
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Lowa said...

Claire- Hi! Hope you have a great season as well:)

Vince- I know! Crazy, eh?? He looks SO different. I agree about him looking handsome. Maybe one day I will post about what brought about the hair cut.

Dooney-I know, I love that one of Santa and Princess! Yes, we had fun, but it is great to be home with my babies again:)

Chas- My thoughts exactly. Who knows how many more years he will do it. I think he does it for the youngest two:)

Jude- Oh, you should try Kaua'i! It was AWESOME! We saw Pierce Brosnan in Princeville! May post about it soon:)

Chris- Sorry dude, I had to delete your comment right after I published it. I didn't realise you used Cryptic's actual name! LOL I will tell him what his Uncle said:)