Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not much

Just thought I needed to update this.

What to talk about?? Hmmmm...well Cryptic is reading a book to Clown right now. Jock is watching a movie upstairs while Princess tries to sleep nearby in the Rec Room. I am sure it is hard with me here typing and clicking away on the keyboard. Stud is playing his weekly Friday night hockey game.

We went to a BBQ at friends' tonight. They have been in the Home Schooling support group that we are in and we have been meaning to get together. We finally did! He is from Saskatoon, the same as me and she is from Calgary. Pretty cool to have some fellow Canucks in the group. So that was nice. They have two adorable little girls, ages 6 and 3. Her hubby works at Microsoft so he and Stud had a good time "talking shop" while she and I enjoyed looking through some scrapbooks she has made. She also set up "Dance Dance Revolution" and showed the kids how to do that. Jock had a good time and it appears Stud is a natural!

Tomorrow Princess is having two friends stay overnight. We have implemented a fun little thing lately. Every Monday morning, we choose names of family members. Whoevers name you get (My grammar is horrid, what is the correct way to word that??), you do kind things for them all week. You do some of their chores without them knowing, leave them treats and coupons throughout the house for them to find. On Friday night at supper, we reveal who had who (whom??) and whoever is right, gets rewarded. Whoever is right five weeks in a row, gets a special prize. I am winning! So far, I am the only one to get mine right every time:)

Anyway, someone left Princess this coupon that said she could have two friends over. So she is using it tomorrow night. Clown got one that said he can take a friend to a movie, so I am taking he and his friend A to see this tomorrow. I took Cryptic and Princess this morning, while Jock stayed with Clown. It was his first time babysitting and he did a great job. Got him food, played with him and did not pick on him or argue, so that was awesome!

Princess was just in her room for three days. She LIED TO ME on Monday night. She was grounded from playing her DS Lite for a week. She got it back on Monday. So she was playing for about an hour when I told her that she had five minutes to shut it off and get it back to me (I keep them in our room and only hand them out as a treat sometimes.) and I went to tuck Clown in bed. When I came out, I asked her where it was and she said she didn't know! When pressed, she opened up the piano bench and imagine my "surprise" that there it was! So she was in her room for two days as punishment for lying. She and I and Stud sat and talked it all over and she BEGGED to get a spanking. I am not sure she has ever had a spanking, but Jock has a few times. I told her I don't spank (I don't believe in hitting children, sorry to those of you who do!) and that is Daddy's department. My parents did not spank us, his parents did. So he knows about that area, I don't! LOL Anyway, she begged us to spank her instead, which we got a kick out of. After some discussion about what she should be spanked with, how many times, where on her body and would it change anything or teach her anything, it was agreed that banishment to her room was the proper thing to do.

She had another day added on for coming out of it often and talking to all of us over the course of the first two days! So she was glad to come out this morning and have freedom!

What else is going on?? Hmmmm...Ah yes! Jock turned 13 this past Sunday! Is it just me or is that WRONG!?!? I don't like this at all. I am happy for him, he is one of those people who cannot wait to grow up and thinks it is great. So he is tickled pink, of course. But me?? Not so much.

I will close with some photos of him with his new "toy". I believe he blogged about it. I am shocked he did not post some photos. We only took about 89! LOL The only wrapped gift he got was his cell phone back. We paid off the remainder of the bill and shall see how long he can keep it this time:) He was totally surprised and very happy!

Ok, I am tired. Better kick Jock off the TV and get him to bed too:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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