Sunday, June 01, 2008


Just thought I would toss a quick post out here before I go to bed and read. Cryptic and I are reading these books and I am on the third one.I am half way through and really want to get in bed and find out what happens.

We took the flannel sheets off most of the beds and were thinking of taking off the electric blankets. No...we are NOT wimps, it is just lovely to climb into a nice toasty bed, is it not?? I turn mine on high for about 15 minutes before I get into bed and then shut it off. Ahhhh...bliss. Anyway, I am glad Stud said to wait to take those off because MAN! It is chilly:( I even had to turn the heat back on. I thought it was June now...???

Before I climb into my cozy bed and read my book, I wanted to share some photos and explain why I am frustrated.

I can't find anything for Princess to eat! Poor child is getting bored with the same stuff over and over. I have got to get cooking and perusing the recipe books I have out of the library. Yesterday I made some cookies for she and Clown to share, but they hate them:( Jock and Stud don't mind them, so at least they won't go to waste. They taste great for a few seconds and then suddenly it is like one is standing in a barn. They "taste" like manure. YOu know how sometimes you can taste something that you have never (and WOULD NEVER) eat?? Well, they taste like manure smells. Not really strong, but faint. The bite I took made me home sick for my childhood on the 80 acres I grew up on, but not enough to EAT IT!?!?

Eating out is clearly one knows if they have soy in anything?? AND I forgot to have her epipen with me tonight when Stud took she, Clown and I out for Mexican after his hockey game (they lost) so I was really nervous with her ordering the food she ordered, not knowing for sure what was in it. Stud made the point that she has never had any anaphylactic trouble or anything, but still. The allergist prescribed the epipen for a reason, ya know?? Her testing obviously concerned him.

Here is a photo of her chopping carrots and celery to put in some Quinoa pilaf that I made the other night. Jock is typically the least picky person in our family, but he is the ONLY one who didn't like it! I love how she has her roller blades and helmet on:) Oh, that's computer is totally messed up and I can't posy photos or watch any videos that any of you have on your blogs. I need to get Stud to fix it!

I was also going to show a photo of Clown, Cryptic and Princess playing the Wii yesterday and a craft I am attempting to make. I wanted advice on what to change and how to improve a centre piece that I am making with silk flowers...I have not done anything crafty in years and am attempting to see if I have any talent left at all! LOL

Well, those will have to wait. I just have to share how appropriate the name "Clown" on here is for my third son:)

Princess had a friend over this weekend. Last night as the three of them were playing, the friend giggled at something Clown did and said, "*insert Clown's true name here*, you could be a Clown when you grow up!"

Little does she know...

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