Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer time

The weather has been very sunny for over a month with very little rain. The past few days it got overcast and was cooler, which was very good news to Cryptic and myself. We are not fans of brightness and heat!

As I sit and type this, my two eldest babies are on their own in a movie Theatre! For the FIRST TIME. EVER. I am so so SO excited for them:)

Stud and I have been going to take them to see "The Dark Knight" and have been trying to figure out who to pawn the younger off on so that we can take the older two. The older two are our awesome babysitters and if Stud and I want to go out, we just pay Cryptic and Jock to watch the younger two. A week or so ago they each made $15 watching them for a few hours while Stud and I went out with friends. Mainly the six of us go out as a family, but some movies the little ones just can't see.

So as I was doing some school with the younger two this afternoon, Jock came to me and said "Why don't Cryptic and I just go see the movie ourselves??" DUH! I can't believe I did not think of it:) So I dropped them off and Stud will get them when they call. They had to pay for it themselves. As I was dropping them off, Cryptic checked with Jock to make sure he had enough cash for his ticket. I thought that was thoughtful. The difference between the two is cute. The whole excitement for Jock was that it would just be them. Cryptic wanted me to go with them! He and I are very close and share a lot. We read the same books, watch the same movies, listen to similar music. So he likes to share it all with me and doesn't mind his ole Mum along. Jock is really trying to get some distance, which I can totally respect. Stud told me not to stay and that he will take me to see it later. Clown and Princess were fussing and not wanting me to stay at the Theatre either. They wanted me home. I feel very loved:) Everyone wanted me with them except Jock and I can totally understand where he is coming from, so I still feel loved:)

I hope they make a habit of this. They really need to get out more! I know Cryptic is looking forward to turning 16 in November so he can finally get a job:)

Princess, Clown and I did some fun history today and we played math Bingo and did history and a lot of grammar yesterday. I am getting some really great books from Amazon and we are going to really do some fun activities this next school year! I will post photos here and there. We are going to do cave drawings tomorrow and within a few weeks we are going to make a pyramid out of home-made blocks we will make from sand/glue.

Princess has a cute Faerie Recipe book. I need to get off of here and help her make Faerie Hats and Faerie Punch. That is the main reason she didn't want me to stay out with her brothers:) Hope the photos turn out!

Peace out!

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