Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer time...

...is almost over.

THANK GOD. Me no likey.

So anyway, I guess I should post something. I have not even felt like publishing any of my comments that you lovely folks have left. Just don't seem to have the energy. Weird. Maybe I can make some time to do that soon.

So yes, my boys went to the movie and had a great time. I certainly hope they make a habit of this!

Cryptic, Clown and Princess are at my parents in Saskatchewan. It seems odd. Feels VERY weird. SO QUIET around here!! Jock is LOVING being the only child for a short time. I am trying to get a lot of cleaning and organising done around here.

On Friday I drove to Abbotsford and met my brother who drove them to his place about three hours away in BC. Then the next morning he got them up at 5 and they drove to our other brother's in Calgary. On Sunday, they made it to our parents in Saskatoon. I guess they got there in time for Princess to attend a family reunion on my Dad's side. I am anxious to hear about that!

We were not sure if Clown would be able to go. We are starting to wonder if he may have some autism tendencies. I have been doing some research and he has some of the symptoms of some types, but also is not anywhere close to many of the more common symptoms. So I am not sure. I need to remember to ask his Doc when he gets back. She has already had him see a doc who is teaching him relaxation techniques. He went once and then needs to be seen when he gets back from Granny and Grandad's. So I can ask about it then.

He just gets himself SO UPSET about things and cannot handle any type of change or any crowds. It gets hard to plan around his needs in that way. I have to remember to prepare him for certain things, yet sometimes if I prepare too long ahead of time, he panics and it is worse. I can't decide which is worse; telling him we are going somewhere or just springing it on him to avoid him stressing himself about all the whys and what ifs that he seems to worry about. It seems to depend on his mood AND the situation.

So, we got him packed up JUST IN CASE. I suspected once he saw his uncle again that he would want to go. My kids all ADORE this man and he is a real card. They have a blast with him and tell all their friends all about him.

As mother often knows best, when he was sitting in Tim Horton's with his Uncle Sean, he decided he couldn't pass up this awesome opportunity. He was excited to see his cousins and everyone as well, but wasn't sure how his tummy would deal with the driving. Since he got sick in February and has had all these sinus issues, his tummy is incredibly sensitive. I have since spoke to him and he said his tummy was fine. He said he did not even need the gravol that Uncle Sean bought for him.

So we plan to get a lot done around here while the kids are on holiday. Jock would have gone but he has try outs starting soon for the AAA Bantam team and there was not room in Uncle Sean's car.

Oh, before I forget! Check out Jock's blog. He and I were rear ended a few weeks ago:( He tells the story better than I could. Except that the "tap" felt just as hard to me as the original BANG! I thought the guy was doing it on purpose. Was SO WEIRD! To be hit twice, I was thinking, "WHAT!!?? WHAT DO YOU WANT!??! WHAT DID I DO TO YOU!?!?" LOL

I will close with photos of Princess making the "fairy hats" and "fairy punch" a few days before she left for Canada.

Pretty fancy stuff, eh??


clairesgarden said...

wow, I forgot she had her hair bobbed! its so pretty, very cool fairy hats there, did they last long?
how nice to have some child free peaceful days......

Lowa said...

Ah yes, the nice new hairdo:) She actually got a lot more chopped off the day after these pictures were taken. Got it tidied up a bit for her holiday in Canada!

Actually, they lasted VERY long. We filled them with M&M's and Skittles and they were meant for her father, who forgot about them:( I had to throw them out after she left for Canada:( We shall make more once she returns!