Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Phone call from Clown

Well, I have been a negligent mother:(

Yesterday afternoon the phone rang and it was my parents' # on the caller ID. I picked it up and there were some snuffling sounds. A tiny voice ventured..."Who...*sniffle*...who is this??"

I said, "It's your mother!". For a moment I thought it was Princess. I realised it was my wee little Clown. He still has his darling little boy voice so sometimes even at home here, it is hard to tell who is who if they are not within sight. In fact we have some issues with that sometimes. I hear one of them in a hallway or something and they ask for a snack or what have you. I am trying to train them to either come to where I can see them or say who they are! LOL Clown forgets (I think he is mad that I can't tell him from his SISTER, so he will just show me by not lowering himself to tell me who he is!) most of the time, but Princess is getting it. She usually says, "It's me, Princess!" We think it is fun because her name actually rhymes with "ME" so it is like a little song when she sings it out all cute!

So Clown began truly sobbing outright and I eventually gathered that he was saying he was SO HOMESICK. Poor little man! I had not been calling because I assumed they would be busy and visiting people and doing many things. I did not want to bother them and told them I would wait until THEY called. I had talked it over a bit with Princess before they left and like a goof, I don't even know if Clown and I discussed it. Princess doesn't get very home sick and welcomes a break. Clown is so very different and it was pretty miraculous that he went at all. It is the first time in his life that he has been gone from Stud and I for more than a few days, and that is always local, when he spends a weekend at a friend's house or something. I should have known better:(

I talked with him for about 45 minutes. He filled me in on what all they are doing there. Apparently he has been eaten up by mosquitoes. We don't have any here (I know! COOL HUH??) and he is not used to them. I forgot that every time we go to the prairies, they have a blast with him. Something about him they just LOVE! The thing is, he swells up a lot from them:( I looked for a photo to show, but I don't have any digital ones. If they get him near his eyes, they swell shut. So he was telling me how my nephew has some plant at his house and you just take a leaf and rub it on you and the little buggers don't bother you as much! I told him to remember to do that a lot of else get Granny to put bug spray on him.

Most of the family had gone to the EX, but obviously he opted not to go. WAY too many people! He would have...I dunno what he would have done. He just can't handle things like that. I hate it for him, he would love the rides, food, sights, etc. If only he could go when there is hardly anyone there.

He is SO CUTE! He was saying how he wishes he was seven or eight again. Those are the best ages to be, he informed me. He doesn't want to grow up and get older. He said, "Like...I wish I could be seven or eight again...but still know...increase my vocabulary and learn all the fun stuff with you when you are teaching us stuff, but just not know?? Like if it could be much more gradual that would be the best!"

He asked if we were working on moving the bedrooms around. The plan, while they are gone, is to move Stud's office into the "schoolroom" (which is an extra kitchen in the basement) and then move Jock into the office (the 5th bedroom has always been used for Stud's computer and guitars). Then Clown will move out of the biggest bedroom that he and Cryptic share, into Jock's old room. We can't just move Clown into the office and leave Jock where he is because of how the window is in there. The house is built into a hill and that window on that end of the house is one where you need to crawl into a recess in the ground and then pop off a plexi-glass cover that is set on the ground above it. Since Jock is 13 and Clown is only 9, we would prefer Jock deal with that in case of a fire or something and allow Clown to have a room with a "normal" window. This way, everyone will FINALLY have their own rooms.

Also, we are re-doing the boys' bathroom down there AND hopefully getting all the new school books and everything organised in some fashion so as to make daily school work flow a lot more smoothly. So he was asking all about that, he is excited to come home to his own room and choose the paint colours and get it arranged how he wants it:)

At one point Jock spoke with him while I prepared a snack for him. He is so funny, he is loving his holiday. He sits in the office on his computer and then calls me with his cell phone asking for snacks! He is loving the attention, normally I am much more focused on the younger two. So when I went to give him his cheese and crackers, he said "I love you, buddy" to Clown. HOW SWEET IS THAT!?? They seldom say things like that, but I could tell from Clown's voice that he was thrilled to pieces that his big brother actually misses him! So he feels a lot better and said that if he can talk to us every day, he will be fine. Stud was out getting a hair cut and called Clown when he got back. They had a nice talk as well, so I think things will be OK now:)

So, I am off to call my little Clown and hopefully speak to Princess a bit?? She hasn't had time for her old Mum yet, but hopefully today she will see fit to grace me with some news. I did speak to Cryptic yesterday for about 5 minutes and he filled me in on some new happenings on the web site that he is the co-administrator of. He has been grounded from the computer, but we lifted that for while he is on holiday. Makes things easier on everyone up there. So he was tickled to be able to catch up on some things on there.

I will update you all on my wee Clown. MAN I LOVE THIS KID!! He is SO PRECIOUS!

Here, you need to see a photo of my little man:) You may not THINK that you do, but DO. teehee. HOW SWEET IS THIS KID!?

Here he is doing his "kitchen chores". That week it was to clean off the counter tops and wipe them down...

Here he is making a smoothie...see the mouth?? That is typical Clown. That could mean a few things: Either he is self conscious...he is worried he may do something wrong, or he is concentrating. I think it was a combo in this instance!

Here?? He is just being handsome! Now I miss him more:( *sniff* I better go get busy cleaning some more. I just called to talk to the kids and my Mum said they are all out doing various things. Clown is out for lunch with my brother and his wife.


Koala Bear said...

Aww, what a sweet little guy! I hope he is having a great time away on holidays even with being so homesick.
Good luck with rearranging all the bedrooms!

sydwynd said...

Your boy sounds so much like Grasshopper (they're the same age). And mosquitos also find Grasshopper very tasty. Which also results in big swelling bites.

You sure they're not twins or something?

Lowa said...

Koala-Thanks, I think he is:) I talked to him yesterday and he said he felt good enough to only talk to me and not Stud and Jock. He told me about a dream he had about fighting a character from a TV show that the kids like. He was here at home, down in the Rec Room and I was assisting in the fight. He mentioned that I was quite proficient with the sword made of lightning and glass and pressed a button to open a gate in our game closet JUST IN TIME:) Clown is the one who eventually defeated the foe!

Vince-Sounds like they might be, eh?? Why does Grasshopper seem older than that to me?? Hmmmm...