Monday, September 08, 2008

Fall Schedule

So today is the first day of our new fall schedule. I only have 12 minutes of computer time left, so we shall see how fast I can spit out all my news!

Cryptic showers now, as the other kids clean up from breakfast. Cryptic and I got up and went for an hour long walk and then came back and made breakfast. He poured juice, cut up strawberries and warmed up muffins while I toasted toast and scrambled eggs. The younger two should be starting their independent school work while Jock does his few chores for Mondays.

Clown has gymnastics this morning, so that should be interesting. He is very nervous and a friend and I have gone through all kinds of drama and stress and nonsense to get our boys in this class with our Home Schooling group. Both our sons need a very small group of kids.

Jock got his lap-top for his on-line school. I am not sure where it is based (can't recall at this moment) but they don't seem to have their act together. I actually have a pretty bad feeling about how this year will go.

This is a different place than the one we used last year for Cryptic. They sent him his lap-top and got him all set up. Then they called and were frantic this past Friday. They had given us the wrong form for the out of district thingy. So they called our home phone, Stud's cell and my cell and told us they needed us to fax them a different form from our school district. Fine. So I went and got that taken care of. The next day we got a big envelope of stuff from them in the mail. It was the SAME FORMS they sent WEEKS ago that we have already filled out and returned!?!?!? They were saying something about hurry and fill these in so we can get your student registered and connected and ready to do school!??! YIKES!?!?

So here is Jock with his lap-top...

Pretending to be mad:)

Much better.

OH NO!!! I am two minutes late! I am now off to Ancient Egypt with Princess and Clown. We have to try and make our pyramid again. We tried to make blocks from sand and glue so it would be more authentic...let's just say that did not work. So we are going to use sugar cubes. We agreed that will be more realistic anyway, since the pyramids all used to be white, but over the centuries, all that was worn off from the desert winds, etc.


Jude said...

I hope the school year goes well for all the kids, and that you can get this initial paperwork problem sorted out.

Have a great week!

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like you are going to be a busy mummy.
LOL about that fist picture of Jock. He didnt look too happy with you. LOL

Lowa said...

Jude-Thanks! Yes, I hope we get it sorted also. Stud takes care of any of that stuff, so I am not sure what the update is. I did have a great week, thanks!

Momof9- LOL Busy Mummy indeed:) Our pyramid didn't work out too well with the sugar cubes either, but at least we have plenty of them left for our tea parties. It is so much more fun to add cubes to the tea then spoon it in! Now we are working on our "Sumerian Seals" with model magic.

Actually, I am glad the photo of Jock was his fake mad face. If he had REALLY been That is scary. He really can look evil when he is angry! LOL