Wednesday, August 22, 2007

High School

Cryptic starts High School this fall. I can't believe it!

Just wanted to show a photo that I just took of him with his lap top. He was VERY annoyed with me for taking it. Too bad, I say.

So I snapped it and he asked, "Do I look bewildered??"

I confirmed that he did. He then turned back to the laptop and mumbled "Good."


sydwynd said...

I assume that's an HP 6300 series laptop? I just gave up one to upgrade to the latest version. They kick ass.

I know, I'm such a geek.

Lowa said...

Vince- I have NO CLUE! LOL Let me ask them...brb...nope, apparently it is an HP T7300 or something?? We are not sure! LOL The school he "attends" (LOL) just sent it in the mail. Apparently it is REALLY GOOD, Stud is jealous! LOL

You are not a geek. And if you are, Stud is right in there with you:)

Hope your elbow feels better soon, OUCHIE!

sydwynd said...

I should have blown up the picture. It's an HP 6710b laptop, the same one I now have at work. It's a hot machine all right! That's a good high school you got there!

Jenni said...

Hi! I'm responding to the comment you just left on my blog here so you'll be sure to see it:o)

Yes, I homeschool. Yes, I do think homeschoolers are crazy--some more than others. I include myself in the crazy category and say it ain't all bad! This is my 13th year of homeschooling, but I have just one left at home this year with the older three in public school. Homeschooling is cool and so is Irish Step Dance (and Highland Dance).

I cannot get over the picture you have on your profile because it looks like one of those Glamour Shot type photos--only yours actually came out glamourous and gorgeous where mine came out, I don't know, NOT ME! Your blog looks great. I think I'll bookmark you with my fellow "homies":o)

Lowa said...

Vince-Yeah, he loves to use it to research for the trilogy he is writing. Very handy. Stud and Jock are quite jealous. They are building a new machine for Jock to use. It is a lot nicer than this one I use, but that's ok. Once I get all the kid games/school stuff uninstalled on here and Jock installs it on his, mine will be fine. I don't use it for much and *I* have the nicest monitor:) Teehee

Jenni-Yes, us HSing are a unique bunch. I personally, do not do well with authority and cannot tolerate others teling me WHAT my kids need to know and WHEN. Says who?? Ah, I better not get started! LOL

Ah, the photo. Yes, I need to get a recent one up there, but I enjoy pretending that I still look that way! teehee Turned out not bad. I got newer ones done with my daughter a few years ago and THOSE are the ones that do not look like me. That one does and I was happy with it. Wish I had appreciated how I looked back then!

I LOVE your blog. I will most certainly keep on visiting. I wish I had land and could take my kids on nature walks easier. *sigh* I know you appreciate that!