Saturday, April 07, 2007

Back from the Great White North!

And was it WHITE! Snowed often while we were there, which was just beautiful of course:)

We left on Monday, March 26th and arrived home around supper time on Wednesday, April 4th. Jock's team did very well, won three out of four games. He scored a goal during the first game when my parents were there, of course that was most exciting.

It was SO entertaining to watch my mother watching her grandson. I thought *I* was protective. I guess you need to toughen up, always seeing your son knocked onto the ice and smashed into the boards. Comes with the territory. I get quite frantic when he is laying on the ice for a long time and the game is stopped, but other than that, I have come to expect it of course. It was clear that my Mum has not seen a loved one play hockey in many years! My older brothers had all quit by the time they were Jock's age and that was over 30 years ago of course. I don't think they had reached the level of checking yet and it was not as physical as Jock's level.

Some boy checked Jock and Granny was convinced it was an accident. When we told her it was indeed on purpose, she was determined that we seek the boy out later and have him tell Jock that he is sorry! LOL THEN! I almost fell off the bleachers from laughing! A boy checked Jock into the boards right in front of us. Mum almost jumped out of her seat and yelled "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!" very loudly. Jock told us later that he heard her from out on the ice.

The kids spent the night in the hotel with my parents and Jock was also able to go on various "team building" escapades with his team-mates, so that was nice. We had a great visit with the friends we were staying with. They are incredible hosts and showed our kids an awesome time, not to mention feeding us lovely tid bits such as puffed wheat cake, perogies, butter tarts, ice cream and all manner of treats!

One wonderful surprise came on Thursday night. Stud, Jock and I had spent the afternoon and evening with the team and had gone out to dinner with them. Cryptic, Clown and Princess had stayed with our friends and had a picnic at the river, and a nice afternoon and evening together.

We got back from the restaurant to watch Survivor with everyone. When we walked in, a familiar person was sitting on the couch! NTFrog, who comments on here often, had popped down from the Northwest Territories for a visit. She and I have been great buds since grade two, when we were seven years old. She married a Canadian and stayed in the country. We try to get together with the husbands and kids every summer, but it has not worked out the past few summers. It has been at least two years since I have seen her and I was so tickled! What a wonderful surprise!!! She and our hostess had planned this a few weeks prior! I met our hostess (R) when we were about eight or nine at Bible camp up in Northern Saskatchewan. I always told them about each other and then when we were all about 12 or so, I took NTFrog to the camp I had raved about and the two of them clicked and we have all stayed in touch! Was a great reunion:) We went shopping on Saturday, ate at the Olive Garden and had an awesome time! I would like to post a photo of the three of us on here but I have not asked R yet and NTFrog requested that I not do so. So I will respect that:) I may convince her yet:)

We spent a day here and also saw "Meet the Robinsons" at the Theatre in the Mall. It was pretty cute and the kids had a good time, which is what the goal was of course. If you look at this you can see how amazing this mall is:) I have been there three of four times (I got married and left my country before I had much Independence and could explore and do things on my own) and have still not seen half of it, I am sure.

Maybe Stud will let me post a photo of him as Jesus. He has to be at church by 5 tomorrow morning, they need to spend at least two hours trying to cover up all his tattoos with make-up before they crucify him. We don't think Jesus had tats!

I think we are ready to dye Easter Eggs now.

Have a great Easter everyone. Will try to make it around to all of your blogs soon!


Library Mama said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Congrats to Jock on having such a great tournament. Too cute about your mom at Jock's hockey games. I know how she feels, though. #2 starts sparring in Tae Kwon Do next week. I am not looking forward to it!

So what camp did you go to? As a kid, I used to be a counsellor at Camp Okema, an Anglican church camp on Emma Lake. As a mom, I worked in the kitchen there. We didn't go last summer because, to be perfectly honest, it is not a holiday for me. Tons of work, actually.

How nice that you and NTFrog had a chance to see each other. R must be great at keeping a secret!

Happy Easter!

Jude said...

YAY! I'm glad you had a great time here, and had a visit from your old friend too!

Mmmmm butter tarts and perogies are 2 of my fav things! My mom made the best butter tarts and perogies!! :-)

Glad you enjoyed W.E.Mall too, it's huge isn't it? And our snow is almost gone again. I don't know if we'll get any more now or not...... it sure hasn't warmed up to where it usually is for April!

Lowa said...

LM-Cryptic spars sometimes at TKD. He is one of the biggest in the class, since he only started recently and most kids start much younger. He doesn't like it much, because it is not a challenge and he doesn't want to hurt anyone. But yes, I know how you feel for sure. And I know how my mum felt, it was just SO FUNNY! You have to see my mum to really appreciate this whole thing! She is this teeny little four foot eleven adorable huggable sweetheart!!

Torch Trail. Up near Nipawin, Choiceland, Snowden area. Just outside of PA. LOVED IT! There was no lake, just a swimming pool. I have never been to Emma lake, but know a lot of people who have been of course. Yes, I can imagine the work it would be to cook or do ANYTHING at a camp. I need to look into sending the kids this summer. They go to the same camp, which is kind of neat:) It has not changed since I was a kid and they can be in the same cabins/beds as their uncles, eat in the same mess hall. They LOVE it, look forward to it and don't want me to pick them up at the end of the week:) I can't wait until Princess is old enough to go, then she can be in the same cabin as I was in and perhaps also meet a lifelong friend:)

Jude-Being Irish and not Ukranian, I only had perogies at my friends' houses. But butter tarts were a staple at our house! Mine aren't as good as my Mum's and my kids won't eat them, neither will Stud. Can you IMAGINE!?!? WEIRDOS!

Yes, I love that Mall. You need to stay for a few days to really do it all, I am sure. It is like Disneyland or something! I have always wanted to stay at the hotel...maybe one day:) Sure has been an odd winter/spring all around, eh??