Thursday, August 23, 2007

In love

Princess is in love. I know she seems a little young, but we all approve of this guy. He smells a little funny, and has HORRID bathroom habits, but he makes her VERY happy and she LOVES to spend time with him. His name is Charlie. Here is Princess, helping him get groomed and feeling cleaner...

She has been spending two hours with him every morning this week.

She LOVES the classes and we hope to get her set up in private lessons this fall. I was thinking of putting her in the Homeschool classes that they have. Yet when I watch her every morning, I just really feel like one on one instruction would be a lot more cost effective. It is INSANELY expensive and she spends so much time waiting and just sitting there since there are other students in the class.

She is one of the few who feels secure enough to be permitted to ride on her own and not be lead around as much like most of the other students. She is very comfortable and confident and listens well. She takes it very seriously just like ballet and she has learned SO MUCH in this short amount of time. I think she would get a lot more out of it with no distractions and waiting around. So we shall see. Tomorrow is her last day with Charlie for at least three weeks and she is most distraught. She goes to sleep every night honestly MOANING over and over..."Oooooohh...Chhaaarrlliiiieeeee...I miiiisssss yoooouuu...OH! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! I loooooovvveee yoooouuu!!!!"

As I type this, she is telling her brothers about how excited she is to go on the trail ride tomorrow:)


Jude said...

Welcome back! Awww I can see she is completely smitten over this animal!

sydwynd said...

Ah, girls and thier horses. The Wife and I took some riding lessons when we lived in Saratoga Springs. It was fun, but it was English style, which was a little hard.

Good luck with your budding equestrian!

clairesgarden said...

horses, ponies and foals, oh my!
lovely, I think a few private lessons are the quickest way to learn early on. group classes are fun too, to meet other giggly horsey girls.

Lowa said...

Jude-Oh yes. She has been crying, she missed him so bad!

Vince-English, eh?? That WOULD be hard. Never tried it. Yes, there is certainly something about horses and females. I want one SO BAD. I miss living on 80 acres! WAAAAAHHHH!!! :(

Claire- HI! I am amazed that you still check my blog! LOL Yes, I agree about the private lessons and think when she is a bit older, it would be more fun to be in a group. The trouble now is that she is there to learn and take it all in, and there are too many interruptions and distractions for her with the other kids who are younger or not as into it. Once she gets a lot of info & experience "under her belt", I know she would love a group. She is VERY social and extroverted, but really enjoys just focusing on what she wants to learn also.