Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, it is has certainly been a while...

Sheesh! It just took me about five minutes to get on here. It has been so long since I posted anything, I COULD NOT recall my username and password for the life of me! teehee

So I just have not felt like posting...ah.


Clown just came running in from the pool and yelled for me to tell Dad that the lady was coming with her dog again.

There is some woman who comes around all the time and encourages her dogs to crap on our front lawn! Stud told the kids to tell him the next time they saw her coming.

We JUST spent an insane amount of money getting new sod just a few months ago. And this woman just walks by almost every day and stops at OUR LAWN and let her dogs crap on it!?!? She picks it up and bags it (sometimes!) but still. She even SNIFFED THE BAG the other day, the kids told me. *shudder*

We always take Brom up the hill to public property where there are weeds and dried up things by the fence to the school. We pick up any poo, too. There are laws, you know?? Not to mention common courtesy. If we allow him to go in our yard, then we also just pick it up at the time and it is over and done with. I guess we should begin walking him around the neighbourhood and encouraging him to dump a load on other people's lawns??

Everyone else's looks horrible now compared to ours. Ours is GORGEOUS since we got it re-done. It was overrun with clover, had yellow dry patches and was just disgusting. It is now a lush deep green and the kids love to play tag on it. It is SO SOFT. Our one neighbour actually jokingly commented on how now we are making the rest of them all look bad because of this gorgeous stuff. We told him we were trying to help, since our old stuff looked SO GROSS. We have gone from the worst, to the best.

I just can't get over people, though. What it the point in bringing your dog to someone else's lawn?? When we pass people's yards, I steer Brom away and he knows not to go in any one's yard. Hello?? Common sense to me.

So we have had an OK summer. I can't really stand summer and am anxious for it to be over. Princess is going to horse camp this week and is in her element. She is LOVING it. I am looking into classes for she and Jock and Clown this fall. Cryptic has no interest.

So I was doing well on Jenny Craig until I went to Sask. I told myself I could have a few treats and call it good...but man! Once I was around all those yummies...like this ...and this ...and the kids and Stud's fave and my BELOVED Big Turk. It was impossible to resist. How could I resist these ??? Or what about these ?? Mainly the top ones in red. Fruit Cremes. Or Goodie Rings .

I craved my wondrous Dill Pickle dip with my Old Dutch Ripple Chips. Popcorn Twists. *slobber* Good Host Iced Tea, not that other junk. Wunderbar, Eat More, and various other delectable treats. So much more variety of foods to choose from up there. I am sure everyone gets the point. So I lived on junk and buns with cheese and jam. I was certain I would have gained back all that I lost and then some. I was pleasantly surprised to go for my weigh in and find I had gained just over one pound! LOL

So this week, I am back on track with sticking to it accurately. I will start back to Curves and walking daily within the next few weeks. My tummy stretched out again and it will take it a while before it can only fit small amounts at a time again. Once that happens, I can expend more energy. I can't wait to have motivation and feel good again! Feels horrible to eat junk and lay around. Kind of:) I have been sleeping late every morning, just because I CAN. So many years of not being able to, now I take advantage since Stud works at home and the kids are so much more independent.:)

Cryptic starts on-line high school this year. His lap top and printer arrived (they provide that) today and he will meet the other kids in person at a BBQ next week. I am anxious to see how many there are and if he hits it off with anyone. He is also going to be back to taking Science on Fridays from our beloved teacher Brian Raven and then a Lit class on Monday mornings. While he is in Lit, Jock will be in "Math Explore" and I will be helping in Clown and Princess' class called "Around the World Adventures". I am so looking forward to fall and getting to do all these fun things!

Jock has been waiting for my computer patiently. He was supervising the younger kids in the pool while I caught up on e-mail, etc. So I will leave you all with a photo of the kids with their cousins this summer at my parents' house.

Hope all is well! I will catch up and read all your blogs soon!


HomemakerAng said...

HI!!!! i dont know why you have not been able to access my blog, glad you are back!!! How are things? by the looks of your shot, you do well with makeup :)

keep in touch!

sydwynd said...

So good to have you back!

Who can resist such sweet goodness! Not I, that's for sure.

When we walk our dog, he usually goes in the road, which makes pickup very easy. I agree responsible dog owners should pick up after them

On line high school sounds neat. I couldn't imagine having done that when I was in high school. No girls to spend my day dreaming about. Which is probably my best memory from high school (besides everything dealing with dating the Wife), spring would come, and REALLY short skirts would pop up everwhere. (sigh) Ah, those were the days.

sillygirl said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're blogging again. Been checking every day! Glad you had fun in Canada with all of our delicious goodies. I feel the same way about the States...feel like the candy there is way better. But I always miss ice caps when I'm down there! Mmm Tim Hortons!

Lowa said...

Ang-Things are good! Looks busy at your house, as always:) A friend in our HSing group is due with her 5th in December. I am SO EXCITED for them. They have a 15, 13, 11 and almost 2. This 5th one will be a nice playmate for their #4. I know your kids will have SUCH FUN with this new little one:)

Oh no, I did not do that make up from the picture. I keep meaning to put a recent picture up there. That is from 1994 and someone else did the make-up! LOL

Vince- I need to catch up on your blog. You are SUCH A MAN! One track mind! Cryptic will still be around teen girls in his other classes and will get together with the other on-line students. It's all good, try not to worry about him! LOL He will see PLENTY!

T-Hey girl! You could always e-mail me, you know! LOL I have been meaning to e-mail you. Been skimming your blog as time permits and you have me laughing tons as usual. You have spent a lot of time in this country lately, eh?? What on earth do you like to eat HERE!??! NASTY! LOL Nothing good here, far as I am concerned:) I miss Moxie's...Superstore...lots of places. *sigh*