Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Condensed

So I have seen on other blogs I read that people are telling how their 2007 was. I thought it was a good idea, so thought I would give it a go here!

January ~

Went to a fun hockey Tournament in Rossland, B.C. Kids all wanted to move there. It is truly BEAUTIFUL! Jock's team did not do well against the Canadian kids, which we expected:) teehee Still, we had a blast!

Dealt with new puppy having Giardia on top of house training him!

February ~

Finally got Princess' room re-painted and organised and cutsi-fied/girli-fied since it had been Clown's nursery when we moved into the house summer 2000.

Stud and I each got a new tat:) Was the first one of mine that actually hurt me and I was wondering what on earth I was thinking!??! LOL

March ~

Clown started an Art Class. This was a very brave move for him. It was the first time in his life that he did ANYTHING without a sibling also being enrolled. He only lasted about 6 weeks, but I was proud of him.

Princess played soccer for the first time without her brother being on her team. She LOVED it and wants to continue.

Cryptic tested for a belt in TaeKwonDo got it! I was so proud of him when he broke that board!

At the end of the month we drove to Edmonton, Alberta for Jock's hockey tournament. We stayed with awesome friends and had a blast!

Cryptic and Jock stopped going to public school. We had hoped they would last a year, but it was not to be.

April ~

We were in Edmonton for the first few days of the month. We went to West Edmonton Mall and spent an entire day at the Water Park. Clown told me I had an irrational fear of heights! LOL

Stud turned 39!!

We spent an entire Day down in Seattle at the Pacific Science Centre.

May ~

We learned about metamorphosis by getting caterpillars, taking care of them and releasing the butterflies.

We got a ten gallon tank and some fish.

Clown turned eight!

Jock went camping with friends for three days.

June ~

Princess did a tap AND ballet routine in her annual Spring Dance Recital.

Princess was in a talent show at school. She also finished Kindergarten in June.

My niece Gillian moved back to Canada from Damascus, Syria. We had her down for a week long visit and Princess took her for show-and-tell in her class room. She taught the kids some simple Arabic and showed them some fun things from Syria. Princess could not have been more proud!

Jock turned 12 and it was very uneventful. Poor guy was born in a very busy month! Also, he has only wanted money and no party or gifts since he was about nine, so things are different from his siblings shin-digs!

We hired landscapers to do our yard and put in totally new sod on the front. Looks FABULOUS! We have the best lawn in the neighbourhood now:) Our neighbours were not happy with us.

It was bad in the way that my 37 year old cousin died of brain cancer after fighting valiantly for almost a year. She left behind a husband and three kids, the youngest of which is three. Not to mention her parents, siblings, in-laws and the rest of us who are still in shock.

July ~

We spent four days on the Oregon Coast with good friends of ours. Was very relaxing and fun!

Got a brand new washer and dryer (front loading) that I still pinch myself every time I look at them:) Not to mention use them:) Teehee

Had friends visit from Spokane.

Got a new pool set up.

Drove to my parents' in Saskatchewan, dropping Jock off at hockey camp in Banff on the way.

Had my 20th High School Reunion in Saskatoon. Ten of the fourteen in my graduating class made it! Was very fun to catch up with people I spent every week day of my life for years with.

August ~

Was the second anniv. of my baby brother's death on August 2nd. Not fun.

We left Saskatchewan and motored back home. We had picked Jock up in Banff and brought him back to my parents' for a few days in the meantime.

Spent the rest of the month swimming in the pool (the younger three kids anyway. We did not have a very warm summer and it was much too cold for Stud, Cryptic and myself) and hanging with friends.

Repainted the master bedroom and got night stands. FINALLY! After Eighteen years I have night stands:) I still can't get over it!!

Had a "fake" birthday party for Jock. Made him a cake, bought him some little gifts and doted on him. He had not chores and was allowed to have free time the whole day while we waited on him. He ate it up! We hadn't had a chance for his real birthday in June.

Princess went to horseback riding camp for the first time and was HOOKED!

At the end of the month, Princess started back to dance class and Cryptic received his lap top, printer and text books to start his on-line high school!

At some point this month, I discovered "Facebook". Various people had invited me and I kept on ignoring it. Finally accepted an invitation in August sometime, I believe.

My Uncle died suddenly of a heart attack this month as well. Sadly, this year we the best we have had in some time in the area of losing loved ones.

September ~

Stud picked blackberries and then made jam!

Took the kids to the circus.

Jock worked very hard and made it through all the cuts to be asked to join the PeeWee AA hockey team.

Jock and Princess did pottery for the first time.

Princess started weekly cooking classes.

Jock, Princess and Clown started a weekly class at a local church. Jock takes Math, the other two take "Adventures Around the Globe". They all three LOVE it.

Stud's Dad and brother came for a nice visit from South Carolina.

October ~

I turned 38 on the first of the month.

Brommy turned one on the fourth. Of course, we have pictures of HIS birthday but none of mine. Why you ask?? Because nothing happened on mine, really. Am I bitter?? NOOOoooo...not AT ALL! The dog had more of a party than I did. NO biggy!

Princess started playing hockey!

She also turned seven!

My oldest brother came for a short visit on his way back from driving his son to San Fransisco.

Friends from Spokane came for a short visit again. They got to meet my brother, which was exciting for me. I love to show him off:) He was also able to watch Jock play hockey for the first time, since he was unable to make the drive to Edmonton in March.

November ~

I shaved Cryptic's head at the first of the month. He was NOT HAPPY. Did I blog about that?? Maybe not, can't remember. He won't want me to anyway. It is a tough subject:)

Princess and I went to "Princesses on Ice".

Princess was permitted to take a friend to her cooking class. None of them could go so she took her brother Jock. Who loved it as much as she does!

Cryptic turned...GULP...FIFTEEN!! We have yet to have a party. The friends he wants to invite have been busy, we left things too long, etc etc. So he plans to have it ASAP. Three of his best friends plan to come, once we get the plans nailed down!

Stud and I left for a week in Hawai'i after getting my parents down here to stay with the kids! What fun all of us had. I only got a few days with my parents, since they had to rush home to take care of their little foster son, but we made the most of it:)


Stud and I arrived back from Hawai'i. While there we snorkeled for the first time, each got a new tat, and saw Pierce Brosnan.

We got our Christmas Tree and got part of it decorated while Granny and Grandad were still here. That was very exciting for Princess.

The saddest thing was that Princess was sick on and off with something and was not able to go to the Nutcracker with me. It was her first year to see it and I knew she would LOVE IT. I was frustrated, because I was only going for her and then Cryptic and I had to sit through it. It was VERY good, just not my thing. I was thinking of her and then she could not even go. She was so distraught, I felt SO BAD for her:(

The highlights of December were taking the three youngest kids to make glass Christmas tree ornaments with our Home Schooling group, decorating a gingerbread house with Dad, playing games, baking the best gingerbread in the world (not to mention eating it!!!) and...of course...CHRISTMAS!!!

WHEW! What a year!


Rick said...

Sorry that I didn't read the entire year - looks like you were busy - but I did read long enough to see about "clown's" art class. My blog has some fun drawings on it that I thought he might enjoy.

Koala Bear said...

Hi there, looks like you had a busy year! Thanks for your comment on my blog....yes, I've been bad at keeping up with that lately. Are you on Facebook too? I tend to put pics on there more often. Yes, I'm pregnant, almost 29 weeks! Baby is due towards the end of March, just before Rebecca turns 3 years old! Not much longer, less than 3 months to go.

Lowa said...

Rick~ Oh please. No worries! I am sure most people don't read the whole thing!

I have actually showed Clown some of your work already:) He likes it!

Koala~ Yes, pretty busy year alright! Yes, I do facebook. I am so excited for you. Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday!