Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hockey Fever

As any of my regular readers know, Jock and Stud are nuts about hockey. Any Christmas/birthday gifts, usually have to do with hockey. Any spending money they get, hockey items are purchased. Any video games Jock get the idea.

As you also may know, Princess decided to try hockey this season. She is usually a soccer player/ballerina/horseback rider. Her Dad really wanted her to try and part of her wanted to as well. She agonized for quite a while and would pull me aside every few days and tell me she was not sure she wanted to, would Daddy be upset if she didn't??

I told her that no, he wouldn't. She said she loved soccer and wanted to stay with that. She knew she could not do both. I reminded her that she had tried soccer but never tried hockey and she is young and has lots of time to try various different things, but we can't do it all at once. I reminded her that she enjoys skating when Daddy takes her and that she may find she really enjoys it. She finally opted to try hockey.

After her first practise, she was hooked. I may have mentioned how before one practise very early in the season, Jock was getting her ready in her equipment and she made some dramatic comment about not being able to live without hockey, what would her life possibly be like without it, and on and on.

Well, last night was her first GAME of the season. Up until now she has only had weekly practises. As things stand now, there is no going back and if you were to ask her about soccer she would probably not remember what that is! She LOVED playing in the game and has already asked a few times when her next game will be.

It was SO CUTE watching all these little ones skating all around and falling all over the place. The local news always comes out and films this levels first game and has a segment on the news, during the sports time. We remember Jock and his buddies being on TV then, it was SO CUTE. And already here his little sister gets her turn! Time flies. I cannot believe Jock has been playing for five years already and he started later than most.

Following are some photos from last night,for your viewing enjoyment:) She is in White (DUH!) #12 with hot pink laces and stick tape:)

As you can see, Jock did not appreciate his father taking pictures of him in the locker room getting ready for his practise. He is quite a picky little fart. Pre-teen, you know how it is:) Sorry it is sideways...ARG! Blogger did that for some reason and we cannot figure out how to fix it. It is right side up in our album here. Weird. I contemplated taking it out, but by then I had done the following pics of the other two boys...whatever.

Well, since we showed them I feel the need to show how Clown and Cryptic are doing. Here is Clown doing research on my computer here for a penguin that he was assigned in his Monday morning "Adventures Around the Globe" geography class. Also Cryptic doing his school work in his room and playing a video game in his new gaming chair her got for Christmas. As you can see by his jaw line, he is not caring for his eczema like he should be...*sigh*.

Ok, I need to get off here. Clown and Princess have finished all of their school work and are playing in a fort they made from blankets and an end table. They are waiting for me to get off of here and do some Math and maybe Science with them today.

Hope all is well with everyone out there!!


Chas said...

I have never played hockey or known anyone that has played hockey. That is one sport that we just don't do in the South. I guess it's too hot. There are a couple of pro teams, but again, I don't know anyone who is a fan. It's funny how different regions are into different things.

Your little girl does look so cute in her hockey garb though...I hope she's able to keep all of her teeth :). I hear it's a rough sport.

HomemakerAng said...

looks like fun! something to keep us active in these duldrum winter months! Sorry I have not commented for a while. I appreciate all of your sweet sentiments! congrats on the weight loss too!

Lowa said...

Chas-Stud grew up in South Carolina. He wishes he had played hockey as a child, but like you say, it is pretty much unheard of. Of course being Canadian, my son plays. He started and then Stud soon was hooked as well. He coaches, plays in his own league, plays twice a week at "Drop-in" and "Stick and Puck" and has been a ref at times as well. It can be kind of rough, but that is mostly as they get older. It is a lot tamer than football, IMHO.

Ang- PUHLEEEZEE! You are a tad busy with HSing all those cute kids AND a new baby, goats, chickens, etc etc. I totally understand and am just impressed that you can blog at all! Thanks! We will lose this weight no matter what, right?? At least you have a good reason for wanting to lose, I don't have a recent pregnancy as an excuse!

Jude said...

Congrats on the weight loss hon! And I agree, Princess looks sweet in her hockey garb.

Trying to find your email addy, can you email me?

Lowa said...

Jude-Thanks! Yeah, she is a sweet little thing. SO MUCH like Jock it is freaky. They both love sports, baking, cooking, artsy things. Cryptic and Clown are the ones who read, play video games and stay at home, avoiding crowds. Jock and Princess can be a tad shy sometimes, but still love to be out and about!

Will e-mail you now!

sydwynd said...

You guys are turning into the total hockey family! How cool!

Glad she's enjoying herself. That was always my thing with sports. Don't care what the kids play, as long as they do their best and have fun.

clairesgarden said...

its good to go out and try other things, I only ever did horse riding until I started kayking when I was 25 and it really might have been less scary when I was younger.
and now at 41 it really was easier cleaning stalls when I was 25. . . .

Lowa said...

Vince- Yup! I know, having fun is the main thing.

Claire-Yes, tell that to Clown. Goodness that child, I feel SO BAD for him. He went to watch Princess at her riding lessons for the first time this week. I could tell by his face he was enthralled and he did mutter something about wanting to try it. I said "excellent! I can sign you up." Then he panicked and said well of course he would like to, but he CAN'T. *sigh* He is so scared of making a mistake and won't play soccer or anything. When the instructor was correcting a mistake Princess made, Clown said, "SEE?? Like that! I can't handle that! It doesn't bother Princess, but if she corrected me just once, I would cry and get off the pony and quit!" I told him we can work on that and repeated what I always say. No one is born knowing how to do everything, we learn from our mistakes, we all have various talents and can teach others and learn from others, etc. Poor kid, he wants to do new things but he can't seem to make himself:( Good for you trying new things. I have a brother who is like my wee Clown and he started new things once he was an adult and really broadended his horizons. So there is hope for Clown! I know what you mean about things being easier when you are younger, I try to tell that to Clown also!