Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mishmash of nothing

There is nothing really to talk about. I should be writing e-mails to all of my friends that I am behind on keeping in touch with. I need to be writing letters to various family members that do not have access to e-mail. I keep saying I will get to that. I have been going to write a letter to Stud's grandmother for about two years now! I need to get off here and do it, but for some reason am in the mood to just blab in here for a bit.

Stud has the younger three at the rink. Princess has her weekly hockey game and Jock has a practise. Clown goes along because he likes to play tag with some kids in the rink. I welcome it, because it gets him out of the house, which is an accomplishment. That boy is much more introverted than I thought possible!

So Cryptic and I get some time together. We went for a long walk and talked about family dynamics and his relationship with all the rest of us. We were wondering why he and Clown are as close as they are and why Jock and Princess rub him the wrong way. We both offered up some theories and had some good laughs. Now he is on his laptop doing school work. He has had some attitude lately and is getting harder to manage. So I took his lap top from him last night and just gave it back to him now so he can quickly get any assignments due today finished up and then I will take it back. Then maybe I will ask him to watch TV with me or play a board game or something.

Today while the younger three and I were doing our Science lesson on flight and making "planes" with balloons, straws, string, and tape, Cryptic just laid on the futon grumbling and insulting everyone. So I sent him to clean bathrooms and fold laundry. He seems to think that if he is not on his computer writing all of his stories, talking to friends on his role playing web sites or playing video games, that the world will come to an end! ARG! TEENS!

So I e-mailed people about Vegas but of course used all the true names of everyone, etc and I don't feel like editing it to put it in here. It won't make much sense anyway, since it was written to people who know the people mentioned, etc.

So just suffice it to say it was an experience. Jock was injured pretty badly during the last game, I cried like a dolt and he is fully recovered. We have issues with some parents taking everything too personally and not just letting the coaches coach. We had a meeting about that and hopefully things will improve. They lost every game they played, but we hope it was a learning experience. It is NOT the place to take pubescent boys, that is FOR SURE. Merciful heavens, as my friend Tim likes to say:) I had no idea the filth that was so IN YOUR FACE. I expected some, but that things would be more discreet I guess. NOT SO. Icky. Me no likey Vegas. Although, it was nice when Stud won about $300:) That was cool.

So here are some photos from our day. I got the younger three some more school books yesterday. This morning Princess was laying on her bed looking through one of them.

As I was taking photos of she and Brommy, Clown came running into her room, most animated. He explained to me that he discovered "Rounding" in one of his new books and how fun it was! I had to come and see, quickly!

Off we went, down to the Rec Room, where he showed me how fascinating and fun it is. He is my only child that has never, ever attended public school or preschool or anything like that. We don't often sit and do "school", we just learn as we live and play games and make things, explore, etc. He taught himself to read and teaches himself many things. I guide here and there, but mainly make the things available and he soaks it up like a sponge. Sometimes he gets REALLY excited and asks to learn more, so we get books out of the library, go to museums, make things, read more and more and on and on. Sometimes if I leave him on his own for too long and get lazy, he picks up bad habits (not making a 'g' correctly for example) and confusing certain math concepts. So I had wanted to look through the book with him first, but he was too excited. He told me that the directions were very clear and he was positive that he was doing it right. I checked and sure enough, he was doing it right and having a blast! Of course, as he is all excited, Cryptic walks into the room, moping that he doesn't get his beloved lap top until this evening. Clown gushes to him about how fun rounding is and of course Cryptic mutters something about it won't be that easy for long and of course it is easy, you are only eight years old. Something along those lines. *sigh* WHY DO OLDER SIBS FEEL THE NEED TO DO THAT!?!? They minimize and squish a younger sibs' zest for life and learning!

Anyway, here he is, showing me how cool it is!!

Then I went to find Jock. He was where he should have been, doing his school on the computer. He does some subjects on the computer and some that I do with him.

I am not surprised...*sigh*...I went to see how much longer Cryptic has left on his assignments and he was JUST NOW logging onto his school account. He has been talking with his friends on the computer...ARG! Any advice on how to handle this irresponsibility?? DO I leave him, not nag and let him learn on his own where the priorities are??

I think I will go cuddle in my bed with the electric blanket on and read some of the books Cryptic got from his grandmother for Christmas. I can't remember the names now, but will let you know later Tim, you may enjoy them as well.



Jinny and Colin said...

You sound like an amazing parent. I don't know how you do it.

And for the record, I wouldn't have minded at all if you'd said something about Liam's eye. :) I am still ignorant about such things and can use any information available.

Lowa said...

Jinny- Oh PUHLEEEZE!!! I am just little ole me, doing what I love. You are doing it too. You are an awesome mother and since I know your mother and how awesome SHE is, I am not surprised:) It is obvious that you adore your wee lad and will do what is best for him. That is all I am doing, but thanks for the compliment!

As far as Liam's eye, after reading what you said, I see how similar to MY mother I am. When Cryptic was born she and my Dad drove down from S'toon to meet him. The second day they were here, I was holding him and it suddenly hit me that his skin was quite yellow. You know how newborns have odd colours, so it is hard to know what is "right". So I asked her, "Do you think he has jaundice??" Her response was, "I don't know hon, what do YOU think??" Later she told me that she was sure he did, but did not want to say anything since I was a first time mother and it is known that they are very sensitive and she wanted me to figure it out on my own and not risk upsetting me!?!? He ended up in the hospital with it and on the light for about ten days! What if I didn't even know what it was (only reason I knew at all was because I had grown up with countless foster siblings and many of them were new from the hospital) and HAD NOT NOTICED!??! How long would she have waited to say anything, I wonder?? LOL

So ok, next time I notice anything, I will help out. Sorry about that! LOL Hope he is better! Those are never fun!

clairesgarden said...

the teenage angst thing has been going on for some time here, I banned her from the internet for about six months but she went round to her friends houses and used theirs!
I would never have had the patience for home-schooling but I agree it seems the best thing and looking at my childhood how I wish I never attended the schools I went to.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

COKE? DID YOU SAY "COKE" ON MY BLOGSITE? You know blogger has rules about using profane language in your comments. You are talking to a former PEPSI man who believes in the product. Sheesh, and I thought you were a great person. The things you learn about people. I was going to comment about what a good mother you were also but after that COKE comment I have to feel sorry for your children and husband.

Lowa said...

Claire- Home-schooling is just like when they were babies and preschoolers:) You had the patience, then, right?? I find that a lot of the hardship and attitude is rubbed off on them from their peers that they spend all day with. My kids see their friends over the course of the week and have them over, etc. But it is not as much exposure as when they attend classes all day long. AND, it is easier to keep an eye on just WHO they call "friend" and we can approve/disapprove easier than if they are gone away from us all day.

That Rosie! Sounds like Cryptic! He actually LIED TO ME LAST NIGHT!?!? He is getting sneakier too...fun fun, eh??

Tim-Alright buddy, them's fightin' words. Although I say we need to call a truce now and just say we agree to disagree. I still have respect for you even if your taste in soft drinks leaves a lot to be desired. I am sure I can shake it off and carry on as things were?? What do you say?? After all, we still have the Irish ties, right?? Aren't those stronger than a Coke/Pepsi war??

sydwynd said...

3 words for you honey: Parental Control Software. I now have it on my PC's. It can restrict hours they can access the internet, restrict which sites they can go to (for example, no webmail, chat, sports sites, etc). Or you can set an exception list, no websites except the ones you approve. If they can only use the computer for work, then it will get done, right?

Being an IT guy, I'm big on controlling access.

As far as siblings go, older siblings beat up on younger ones in some way or another. On the plus side, they grow out of it eventually. Hang in there.

Lowa said...

Vince- We have used those for some years now. The problem is we can't do it on Cryptic's school laptop since we don't have the password since Stud did not install the software. And he needs to go to some sites his school has approved to do some of his assignments...*sigh*

True about older sibs. Two of my three older brothers were really pretty terrible to me over the years and I consider us extremely close now. My oldest brother never bothered anyone, has always been a real sweety. Thanks, I will hang in:)

Jude said...

I'm a Coke gal too! :)

I see your reasons for home schooling and they make sense to me. I think if I had young 'uns I might think about doing that myself too.

Teens will be teens my dear. Hang in there as it is blessedly inevitable that they will one day grow into adults!

Ookami Snow said...

I used to slack alot with my school work. My parents used to let me slide all I want but they would be upfront about what the punishments would be if I did bad.

I got grounded a couple of times for bad grades, but I also learned how to manage my own time. If I wanted to screw around for hours before homework I could, but I also knew that meant I would be up very late getting the work done. After awhile it was just better to do it first and then play afterwards.

In the end it worked for me, I have a Masters in Statistics now... But I did almost have to take summer school once during junior high.

Lowa said...

Ookami-COOL NAME! Have you been here before? I am thinking that maybe you were a long time ago.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I am sure he will come around. His attitude is just silly. His cousin is here now and seems quite shocked and surprised at how much of a BUTT Cryptic is being!

TEENS!! *She yells as she rips her hair out!!!*