Thursday, March 13, 2008

Any ideas??

Ok, I wonder if any of my readers may want to hazard a guess as to why the following phenomenon happens.

Any time I am in public with any of my family, Stud included, they stop walking when I stop walking. We can be just walking along and I stop to look at something and EVERYONE stops. They just stand there. I can stop to scratch my toe, adjust bags or things I am carrying to be more comfortable. Anything. They all instantly stop and just stand there like they are helpless! They actually appear to be in a tad bit of a panic over the fact that I stop!?!?!?

The other day when we were out at the Mall, I bought myself a drink from Starbucks. The Starbucks is just outside the Mall entrance that we were about to enter. As we were walking along toward the doors, I was trying to put my change back in my wallet, then put it in my purse, as I was attempting to hold my hot drink and not spill it. We got to the doors, and I stopped and stepped to the side, waiting for Stud or one of the bigger kids to open the door, so that we could all walk through and I could still be getting all these things adjusted. Everyone else just halted. And stood there. Looking at the closed doors and staring at ME, struggling with full hands and totally unable to open said door!?!?!?

As I was talking toward the door, I KNEW it would happen. I experience it SO MANY times and each time I just hope and pray that they can GRAB A CLUE and do something of their own volition. I willed it not to happen this time. Didn't work! Yet if I ever state the obvious, because no one else appears to be aware of it, I get groans and sighs and rolling eyes (oooo cool, that rhymes!) and everyone acts like they KNOW. So when I don't say anything, giving them the chance to PROVE that they "know", they in fact DO NOT know. ANYTHING. LOL

They are all perfectly smart people. Brilliant brains in those noggins. Yet they can't just look and see someone with their hands full and OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!?!? I ALWAYS open doors for strangers, as well as Stud and the kids. I help people with things if they drop them, etc. So it is not like my kids never see anything like that occur. And what is Stud's excuse!??! Honestly, he is as bad as the kids. Sometimes I almost cry about it. I get SO frustrated. No one listens to me or takes my advice, yet when we are in public all five of them act like they are lost without me and I am in total control and let's just follow along like robots and not think for ourselves?!?!?!

So yeah. I hate that. It truly grinds on my nerves. I mean, can they not just use their powers of observation and note that my hands are full, maybe I can't open the door???? And even if I could, it is possible to just open it anyway?? And the stopping walking inside the stores. Really! It is SO WEIRD!?!? They all cluster around me and can't seem to just look around on their own. Even Stud. SERIOUSLY!


I mean the younger two kids I can understand a little bit. I have always taught the kids to stay close and be where I can see them, and all that jazz. So I can KIND OF get that.

So I wondered if anyone has any idea what my freaky family's problem is!?!?


Dooneybug said...

That is so funny! I have no idea but it makes complete sense that they act like that. I personally call myself the family pack mule since I seem to be the only one that carries every item to and from the house, including the kids!

Lowa said...

Dooney-Been there, done that! MAN! Drives me NUTS! What I don't get is the stopping if I am walking?? Like no one knows what to do if I stop for 7 seconds to look at something!??! PATHETIC!

Jinny and Colin said...

Wow, it sounds like you really are the Queen of your house. Most of the time this would be a great thing...except when you're at the mall apparently. You should see what they do if you suddenly duck and hide next time you're at the mall...teehee. Too bad you don't have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, that would really come in handy. :)

Jude said...

Well now that is just plain weird! LOL

I have no explanation. None. I'm as baffled as you are I guess!