Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, it is official. Hockey season is finally over here in our household!

Jock and Princess have both had their year-end parties and received their trophies, certificates, badges, medals, etc. The year-end bash was this past weekend and there are no more games or practises! YAHOO!

So now we settle in for signing up for summer camps and classes such as power skating, 3 on 3 and whatever else the kids want to work on. Stud's team will continue to play and I am sure go through the summer months. He tends to play all year long to have fun and stay fit.

Princess had a really fun first year and cried at her last game this past Tuesday! She wants her Dad to coach her team again next year, but Jock also wants him to since this is the first year Stud did not coach Jock's team. Should be an interesting season this coming fall...

Easter is over. Which is so weird to me. It should not even be for at least another ten days as far as I am concerned. Stud had a hard time juggling his coaching/playing with his rehearsals for the Easter Production at church. He misses a lot of hockey, which says a lot since he loves it so much!

He was Jesus again this year and did an awesome job, as usual! Right after the last performance yesterday afternoon, he shaved that nonsense off his face! That was a relief for him AND me:)

Princess was in the production for the first time this year and LOVED IT! First time she was in a production at church, SHE was baby Jesus at two months of age in our Christmas production in 2000. Then she was a Shepard when she was three and Clown chickened out when he was going to be in the Christmas play. She always asks to take acting classes and I can't find a place I like well enough or that is close enough. I need to check into it more. None of the kids had speaking parts or anything. You can see her in this photo, up on the big screen. The children ran to Jesus and did ring-around-the-Rosy around him. SO CUTE!

Here he is on the cross. This camera did not do well with the lighting. Doesn't help that I don't know what I am doing with it! ARG!!!

Here is Stud...I mean JESUS...coming out of the tomb. It always choked me up in years past and gave me goosebumps when it is someone else. Since Stud does it now, it is different. Makes a difference when you are married to Jesus, ya know?? LOL

Princess and Jock by the tomb after the performance was over and Princess was out of her costume and into her Easter Finery. I let Jock wear whatever he wanted for the first year and this is what he chose, which was fine by me!

Clown and Cryptic had to stay at home. Clown has had some odd stomach thing going on for over a month now. Been to the Doc three times and they still don't know what is wrong. I will post about it soon.

When Princess and Stud got up before everyone and left for church early, Princess saw that the Easter Bunny had hidden goodies in her closet! One of the things she got was this skipping rope. She calls it a "jump rope" but when I grew up in Canada, we always called them "skipping ropes". My kids make fun of me:( *sniff*

The handles have candy in them, are shaped like butterflies and it plays music! Dode life get any better!?!?

Here is my sick little man, finding his treats from the EB.

I love how he still adores Stuffed animals. He and Princess need more like they need a kick in the head. But for some reason the EB brought them each THREE NEW ONES!?!? A big bunny, a small bunny and a stuffed chicky that chirps. They sit by the hour together playing games with all their stuffed friends and I want it to last as long as possible. Look at his face...he LOVES this cuddly guy!

Uh appears there is some screaming going on and people are fighting. *sigh* I knew this lasted too long.

Have a great week everyone and I hope you all had a lovely easter!


Koala Bear said...

Looks like you had a nice Easter! Your husband looks like he did a good job at being Jesus too, I can see how it would be different seeing him up there though than if it was somebody else!
Just wondering, have you ever revealed on here what your family's real names are? Or I'm at least assuming that Stud, Cryptic, Jock, Clown and Princess aren't their real names :)

Lowa said...

Koala- No, I have not revealed it. Although if you go to Stud's blog, he has his real name on there, for some reason.

If you are wanting to know their real names, you can e-mail me and I will reveal their names in there. I have done that before for others who have asked that I feel safe telling. We just don't want to broadcast them out on the big ole Dub-Dub-Dub, ya know??

Hang in there! YOu never complain about pregnancy. I can hardly wait for mine to be over, but maybe that is cause I gain 50 lbs (mostly swollen with water weight and toxemia) and I puke the entire pregnancy.

Can't wait for Delivery Day! I LOVE BABIES!

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! What a wonderful Easter! Your husband looked just wonderful as Jesus! How special to share that with your children. What a truly brillant way to share the easter story...

Koala Bear said...


You say Stud has his real name on his blog, although I don't see the link to his blog anywhere on here so I wouldn't know where to see it?
And I don't know your email address either, to email you! You are really mysterious! ;) Just kidding....but you can email me at and then I'll write you back from there.
When you said you can "hardly wait for yours to be over", as in your pregnancy, at first I thought you meant you are pregnant right now! But I am assuming you mean in your past pregnancies, that you can hardly wait for them to be over! Yeah believe me, I do my share of complaining too but just haven't talked about it too much on the blog. Right now I still am sick and hoping baby will wait till later in the week. We'll see what happens!

Dooneybug said...

A hottie Jesus does make a difference, I'm sure! :) Looks like he plays a pretty convincing one though. Glad to hear that Easter was a nice time!

Chas said...

A blonde Jesus...who'd have thought? :)

HomemakerAng said...

can you email me at for your email address again and i will send you another invite! so sorry!

sydwynd said...

Easter was WAY too early this year.

I love doing passion plays. My band plays music for our Way of the Cross (also called Living Stations of the Cross). It's put on by teens in the parish youth group and it's always so moving.

Glad you had a great Easter!

Lowa said...

Momof9-Yes, we love it. Just too bad there is so much work to put into it and so many rehearsals leading up to it. But it is SO WORTH IT! Very moving and lots of tears, etc. Many people come to Christ from it, so that is awesome!

Koala-OH NO! LOL I would LOVE to have a few more, but Stud says no. I can imagine the way I worded it, confusing you, sorry about that! Even though I throw up constantly and get HUGE, I ADORE babies and even giving birth. Clown was my hardest delivery. PAIN! Been induced with all four and never knew what an easy, natural labour was:( Had no drugs except an Epidural with Jock. NEVER AGAIN! WOW! THat was worse than the labour if you ask me. I am so happy for you, having another wee cherub:)

Dooney-LOL Yes! Hottie is right:) Yeah, he is very good at it, he loves acting. Was in "Hello Dolly" back in 1999, when we lived in his home state of SC. He was great in that! I will e-mail you soon about your issues. Get ready for a book! MAN! Can I RELATE!

Chas- Teehee! I KNOW! Last year they put a bunch of dark stuff in his hair and beard, but this year they left it natural.


Vince- I know it! Man I love when the youth do stuff at our church. Do you guys do "human videos"?? MAN! Talk about moving! WOW! They are intense.

Jude said...

Stud makes an excellent Jesus, looks like you all had a great Easter.

And yes you're right, it's a SKIPPING ROPE, dammit!! LOL

Jinny and Colin said...

That's so cool that you were married to Jesus for a short time. :) Looks like you go to a pretty fun church. I miss Easter stuff hunts! I can't wait until Liam is old enough to do all that kind of stuff. Again, your kids are so cute.