Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Well, my alarm didn't work and I woke suddenly half an hour after I was supposed to be at the doc.

I rescheduled for noon and ventured out. All showered, smelling great and squeaky clean!!! Ready for my lovely pap. I was wondering about getting my first mammo. She did not mention it, so I didn't say anything. I mean come on! Why invite something like that into your life??

So turns out she didn't need to do the pap (YAY! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!) and I am not due for another pap until January 2010 or something?? COOL! I am not going to argue, ya know?? Sheesh!

I have been reading a bit about sleep apnea and wondering if I have it. I am ALWAYS tired and have taken to napping during the day, and after 10 hours of "sleep" at night, I feel like I got none. It is really hindering my doing anything with the kids and the house isn't as clean and organised as it used to be.

She said that the opening to my throat is less than half the size of most people and that often people like that have sleep apnea. I need to go get a sleep study done. So I made an appointment for that and won't get in until mid July!

I normally do not let them weigh me, but decided since it is a physical, that I should. OUCH. Wake up call! I have been wanting to lose, I blabber on here about it enough. I just had NO IDEA how much I weigh. Well...not true. I had a bit of an idea. I was close. I just never stick with Jenny Craig because it is SO EXPENSIVE. I know people who lose on their own without doing that, and I try for a short time and do well and then reward myself with food. I am SO SMART:)

What really hit home was when I asked her to look back to 2002. I knew that was about when I started gaining. It is also when a lot of things changed with my sleeping and I got extremely forgetful and slow in the brain area. Well, I have gained 19 lbs in just 6 years! I remember at that time, being upset cause I was about 25 lbs heavier than I wanted to be. And now there is 19 on top of that!! See what I am talking about when I say "wake up call"??

I am so anxious to get this sleep study done and see if that is part of the trouble. Any excuse for this weight gain:) I have read that sleep apnea can cause weight gain and all kinds of health issues. It would make sense. I always chalked it up to aging and my thyroid nonsense, but who knows.

Tomorrow will be spent doing more shopping for ingredients to try new recipes for Clown and Princess' food allergies. The poor things have been living off this weird bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit and some meat. Princess can't have any processed meats. She also can't have the peanut butter we all eat, so I need to find another for her. Her sandwich choices are limited, so I really want to try some fun new recipes to add variety to their diet.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


sydwynd said...

If I remember right, they don't start doing mamagrams till your 40, so you have a LOOONG way to go right?

Couple of thoughs on losing weight. First, one of my co workers lost a TON of weight without eating less. How? She follows a diet designed for diabetics. Eat more often in smaller portions and watch what you eat kind of thing. You may want to look into that. Healthy and slimming at the same time.

Second, when I lost some weight a while back, the basics of it were pretty easy. You have 3 meals a day and a snack between breakfast and lunch, and another after dinner. The key was lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Basically cut a out a lot of the fat and the junk food. Throw in some excersize and you'll be svelt in no time.

sillygirl said...

Just an idea...if you have a nintendo wii at home, you should go and get the wii fit! I am seriously always whining about going to the gym but then I can never get motivated, but I've used the wii fit every single night for 10 days in a row so's so fun and you don't have to leave the house, and you can do yoga, strength training, aerobics...its seriously the first time I ever thought I could meet my fitness goals for real.

Jude said...

Good luck with the sleep tests hon, if they find anything I hope it's easily fixed for you. I know what it's like to be without much energy and tired all the time. Let us know how it goes!

BoufMom9 said...

Holy cow about the food for the kids! My son David had Celiacs as a little kid (he thankfully outgrew it!) But, it was awful making different meals all the time (and expensive!)
UGH! I am so there on the weight gain! I couldn't even tell you how much I have gained in 6 years, but it is waaaaaay too much! UGH!
:) Debi
ps I knew it was you commenting. I know your face. ;)

Mythical said...
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Lowa said...

Vince-You are too kind:) I have about 18 months to go. I have a family history of cancers, so I am kind of surprised they aren't doing anything.

yeah, when I was slim and could not gain weight for anything, that is how I ate. I had no choice. I got filled up pretty much instantly and was hungry every few hours. I just couldn't get more than a few bites in at a time. Always bothered me and when I "grew up" (about 6 or 7 years ago) and was able to finish entire servings of food in one sitting, I was just so excited that I took advantage of it! LOL Didn't stop to think about it much, since gaining weight had never been an issue. The weight came on gradually and I didn't really think much of it, part of me was happy since I had been really scrawny before. I am keeping a food journal and exercising a lot more, I am sure that will help. I am just very impatient and will need to learn more patience:) I appreciate your help and advice:)

Sillygirl-We have one, and it just got back from being fixed. We have tried and tried to find Wii Fitness but they are sold out everywhere. We checked today and one place said to call late next week, they should get another shipment. I am excited!

Jude-Thanks! I hope I don't need a sleep machine...that would be pretty uncomfy.

Debi-Sorry about your washer:( That is UNREAL! You guys have been through it, this is amazing! Your hubby looks nice in his uniform, btw:) Hope you all get well soon and yeah, the weight loss is unreal. The new diet for the younger two is interesting, to say the least. I made Clown some cookies last night and he HATED THEM! They are so odd...Jock likes them ok and has eaten a few! LOL I am glad David is better!