Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brief update

Hello friends!

Since I have been so lax about updating...I will try to post a quick update.

Princess got a kitten for Christmas. Her name is Caledonia and we all adore her! Clown is waiting for Princess to slip up in caring for her, so that she will become HIS. He fed her this morning and was going to change her litter box, but I reminded him that he needs to give Princess a chance to do it!

We had a lovely Christmas. Clown and Princess now take gymnastics AND swimming lessons. We had an issue yesterday with Clown at his lesson...perhaps more on that to come. Princess is also taking violin lessons for the first time and enjoys it.

Jock got a new cell phone for Christmas. HE LOVES it! He got it taken away six days ago and will not get it back for at least another week, perhaps more, depending on his respect (or lack there of!) level and treatment of all of us. He is struggling with respect and not manipulating people. He gets braces put on Monday morning, so is very excited about that. Has MANY problems in that poor mouth of his! I don't mean just the sass and cheekiness that comes out of it, either!

Cryptic is doing well. Has taken a sudden interest in philosophy and psychology and has many books checked out of the library on those topics. He is taking violin lessons again. He took them from the time he was about 6 until he was 12 or 13 and then just tired of it. He is glad to have started back up again!

I am going to try and post a little something EVERY day. Something I learned that day...something I remembered...something I observed. I will try and have the odd contest thrown in, so please keep on checking back. I promise the blog won't continue to be so boring!

Trust that all is well with everyone!

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