Friday, February 13, 2009


At the moment Princess is taking ballet, jazz, hip hop, gymnastics, violin and swimming lessons. Gymnastics, violin and swimming on Mondays. Jazz and ballet on Tuesdays. Swimming and hip hop on Wednesdays. We have Thursdays and Fridays free. She has always loved being involved in sports and back riding, cooking and art get the idea. She has always been our busiest and most active child.

I ask her brothers sometimes if they feel left out. They remind me that they know things are available to them and if they have an interest, they will let me know. They don't mind that she does all these things and are proud to go and watch her and support her. In fact her little drama class just ended a few weeks ago and it was nice to see their beaming faces when they watched their little sister perform on stage with her cute little friends. Cryptic went to give her flowers after they took their bows, and he was just beaming. Which is HUGE. Cryptic seldom even smiles, let alone beams:)

Since she is taking the year off hockey so that she can pursue these other interests, she has time to do soccer and basketball. I totally forgot about basketball and didn't sign her up. She has never tried it or baseball, but LOVES hockey and soccer. Yesterday I asked she and Clown if they wanted to sign up for soccer. Clown is so torn. He REALLY wants to, he LOVES the game. He has not played in about four years and since we have diagnosed him with this anxiety and panic that understand why he feels the way he does...he is learning to branch out and step out of his comfort zone a little. So we shall see.

I was talking with him about it yesterday and called to Princess, "Princess?? Do you want Mummy to sign you up for soccer??"

She called back, "No thanks, Mummy! I think I am involved in enough activities right now. You can't do it all you know!"

I learned that my eight-year-old daughter knows her limits:) Thus reminding me YET AGAIN how proud I am to be her Mum.

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