Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Well, we have had a nice day thus far. I got up at 5 with Stud and hid the baskets and eggs. He had to leave to go to church and get dolled up to play Jesus in the annual Production.

The kids slept until about 8, and we found baskets, eggs and goodies. The Easter Bunny always makes maps and makes it fun to hunt for the main basket full of toys and candy. Last night I was SO TIRED, I just wanted to put the baskets at their spots at the table. Jock was begging me to draw maps!!! A few more years and we can let the younger two in on the "secret" of Santa and the EB, etc. It is SO MUCH harder when they still believe, but sure is worth it. Jock and Cryptic found better things to do yesterday and had no interest in dying eggs or decorating cookies. This was the first year in their lives that had happened. So I was hoping that meant that I could get away with no maps this year. I had planned to draw up elaborate and fun ones a few days ago, because I know how tired I always am the night before and I need to wait until everyone is in bed before I can get all the goodies ready. Not surprisingly, I never did find the time to be to be well prepared.

So, I threw together some lame maps and the kids found everything within a few minutes. They seemed pleased, however. Jock was whispering to me about how cool it must have been growing up on 80 acres and asked if Grandad drove the tractor around to hide the eggs in the pastures:) The kids were commenting on how I had told them how often I hunted for Easter stuff with snow all around. They find that fascinating!

The boys kicked up a stink about what to wear. I bought Clown a darling outfit the other day, but he asked me if I have the receipt because he does not want me wasting my money and I need to return it because there is NO WAY he will EVER wear it:( *sniff* So I basically let them put together their own outfits and Clown was in tears that I would not let him wear a toque to church. He is mortified with how I cut his hair and is in denial that it had grown out. Still feels the need to hide it and is convinced that everyone is concerned with his hair! DRAMA! So far, in my parenting experience, boys are much more dramatic than girls. We shall see if things continue this way or if Princess joins her brothers in their...moodiness.

Stud and I need to nap this afternoon. He did AWESOME as Jesus. Was very convincing. We heard comments such as "Phenomenal" and one woman came up to me and said, "Your husband's eyes just GLOWED. It was INCREDIBLE!" We had many unbelievers there today, so are hopeful that we got through to some of them:)

The older boys were holding back laughter. Hard to take seriously when you know it is really your Dad in that get up! I could tell they were proud as well, however. As I type this, he is showering as much of the gunk off and shaving off that horrid beard!

Enjoy these few photos and I will attempt to catch up on your blogs this next week:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Library Mama said...

That woman was correct - phenomenal! And it does look like his eyes are glowing.

I'm glad you're having a great Easter. I'll post sometime soon about ours. It's been - shall we say - interesting.

Princess looks like...a beautiful princess. All of your kids look great. I've given up on the "what to wear to church" fight, except if what they want to wear is dirty. I have not yet encountered the "I don't want to go to church" fight, so I count myself among the lucky ones.

Happy Easter!

sydwynd said...

Wow, you hubby does look great as Jesus! Very convincing. Nice prodcution too, from the look of it. The sets are great.

Your oldest seems to be disappearing under that head of hair! He's going to have to pull it back from his eyes or soon he won't be able to see!

Hope the rest of your Easter was wonderful!

l said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT Easter. So glad to hear it. :)

Lowa said...

LM-Yes, he did a great job. Too much make-up when he was up close, but from far away, it looked good.

Unfortunately, our kids DO mention not wanting to go, which concerns me. If it was Cryptic, I could understand, what with his age and all. It is mainly the middle two. They are so goofy! Once they get there, they LOVE it, remember how much they love it, and don't want to leave. Well, more Clown than Jock. We really need to look into taking the older two to a different Youth Group. They get nothing at all from the one at our church and we have had friends leave in search of the same thing. We had an incredible youth pastor when our older two were toddlers, but he has since planted another church. There were kids linded up out in the street to attend his services, he had literally HUNDREDS coming every week and they had to set up speakers outside just so he could be heard. His wife is speaking at an upcoming retreat I want to go to...don't know if I will make it:( Anyway, we need to check into that for our boys. I want them to be excited, you know??

Can't wait to hear about your Easter!

Vince- Yes, they do a nice job. We are known in the area for putting on great productions. We used to have an amazing Singing Christmas Tree!

Yes, I need to get Cryptic's hair trimmed...I am a bit concerned. He skulks around under that hair and childhood friends that he has not seen in a while are too intimidated to even apprcach him. Then he asks later why Chantelle and Corinne did not speak to him at church, etc?? DUH! Yet he is too shy to approach THEM. Goofball!

L-Thanks! I need to comment on your blog soon. I check in sometimes, but it is so hard for me to comment, it seems. I will keep on trying!

Big Ear Creations said...

Very cool...

Thanks for popping by the Big Ear Blog!