Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just stuff

We had a weekend of freebies. Was kind of cool!

Saturday morning as Stud and I went to the last soccer game that Princess would play in until fall (if she plays then as well), we stopped by Starbucks for our morning coffee before the game.

When we drove up, there was hardly any line. I think there were two vehicles ahead of us. The vehicle in front of us took a ridiculously long time acquiring their purchases. By there, there were a lot of people behind us. When we reached the drive thru window, Stud just said something about, "You sure are busy!" and smiled.

So when she handed us our drinks, she said, "This is on us, guys."

We were stunned. It had not been that big of a deal. Still, who says no to something free?? What a great start to the day.

Easter night, we went out to eat. Some years I cook a big Easter meal, but since we don't live near family, it is a lot of work and no one really cares. So we started eating at the Olive Garden after church Easter morning. Just a new tradition we started. Stud did not want to go there with all his make up on and his hair and beard all stiff and with all the gunk from being Jesus. Princess was most unhappy and he promised her we would go for the evening meal instead.

We got there and were seated right away. It was clear that our server was very new and we were patient when it took him five minutes to take a simple order. Princess and Clown always share my meal, Jock wanted spaghetti and Stud just wanted the soup that came with the bread. Some milkshakes, hot chocolates and a pop for me. Simple, right??

Apparently not!

GOOD GRAVY as Stud says. Seriously, this guy repeated it back to us I am not sure how many times. He asked Stud to wait a few times, as he wrote and wrote and checked things off. I was a server years ago. I know how it is. But the place was pretty slow, it is not like they were "Slammed" as we used to call it. It was such a simple order.

Fine, we get it ordered and sit back. Immediately Jock starts in with his attitude. Whining about something, who can remember what. After about eight minutes, the guy brings a few of the drinks and says the others are coming. Fine. By the time we had been sitting there for twenty minutes, our order comes out!?!? Just a few minutes after Jock and Stud finally got their milkshakes and Jock's was wrong anyway. The guy had repeated to us a few times, just to make sure and he STILL did it wrong. And yes, it was him. Not who made it.

We still had NO BREAD, no plates, no alfredo sauce for the bread, NOTHING. So as the person is bringing out the food for us, wondering if she is at the right table, we tell her we still have no bread and no plates for the bread once we do get it. So she goes over to our server, who was waiting on some other people and asks him what she should do with the food, why don't we have our bread yet?? He waves her away and she leaves.

About five minutes later, he brings out some bread. He goes to leave and I say that we would like some plates. He put his hands together and looked very impatient and asked me what for. I said, "For our bread. And did you forget our sauce??"

Again, he gives me attitude. He asks what kind of sauce and I felt like smacking him and telling him, "The same kind that I repeated to you FOUR time when we placed our order!!!!!!!!"""" GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

So he finally brings out the sauce exactly when they bring the meal!??! *SIGH* THANK GOODNESS the manager was going around asking how things were. She asked us and I spoke for us. I said I hated to complain, but it was clear he is new. She said relatively, what is the problem. Told her simple things seem to fluster him and explained about the bread, etc. She was SO COOL! She was horrified that we had no bread or plates and no sauce for the bread, etc. She got things fixed right away and came out a bit later and told us the meal was on them, not to worry. I felt bad and said no no, that was fine. She insisted. It was kind of funny, because I had just been telling the kids stories about my days as a server and how stressful it can be, and on and on. How my manager had to deal with rude patrons and how some people go around and complain about anything just to get a free meal and how we learned to peg them as soon as they walked in, etc.

So we got two free things in one weekend!

Also, we heard from our good friend who helped put together the Easter Production. He said that people are still raving about it. He has heard things such as, "Best in Twenty Years" and "I was weeping through the entire thing". I am not sure of the number yet, but many people accepted Christ this weekend. The kids are bursting with pride that their Dad was Jesus in a production that had such an impact on people. I am also very proud!

I will close on this note. I forgot to mention a hilarious (yet accurate) observation that Clown made while we were at the water park in West Ed.

I was trying to climb up the many staircases to one of the slides to go down it with he and Cryptic and Princess. Jock and Stud were off on their own at this time.

I am TERRIFIED of heights. As in, totally...I dunno. I don't have many fears. Am fine with bugs, bats, snakes, mice, spiders etc. Heights never bothered me until I was about 19 and spent a day at Niagra Falls. It didn't even really bother me that much at the time, but I noticed that since then, I am petrified.

I LOVE water slides and was dying to go on this one. I was trying to think about just getting to the top and then not looking anywhere but on the slide and then just letting go and having a blast. The kids were so excited. If you look in the photo here , you can see the light tan slide is about the tallest. We were attempting to walk up the stairs to it.

I suddenly realised about halfway up, that I could not do it. It did not help at all that I was not in the greatest mind set since the last time I was at a waterpark/wave pool, was my brother's last day alive. I did not know at the time that my parents had him at the ER and that he would die that very night, while I lay at my brother's house trying to sleep and knowing that something was very wrong, but not knowing what it was. We had enjoyed an incredible day that day and I remember even wishing my brother was with us and thinking how much he would love to be in that water. I had not been to a water park since and it was quite emotional for me. I hid it well, though. I am sure Stud had no clue and won't until he reads this.

Anyway, add that to my fear of heights and I was not in a good place.

I stopped and Cryptic and Princess continued up the stairs and were soon out of site. Clown waited for me and I told him to keep going, I was going down and would wait for them at the bottom. He insisted I continue. I told him I could not, I am sorry, quickly, go catch up with his brother and sister and I will find Daddy and Jock and meet him soon. He begged me and I was so torn. I wanted to do with him but I was honestly terrified.

He looked me in the eye and said, "MUM! COME ON!! This is RIDICULOUS! You know this is an IRRATIONAL FEAR!!"

LOL That cheered me up! It was so funny. I did not even know he knew that word! LOL I know he is right too. That made it worse. He kept saying to just watch his feet and not look out into the park, just look at his feet as he walked in front of me. I tried a few more steps and just couldn't. By then, he had to come down with me, we had wasted too much time. I found Stud and Jock and they took him and all was well. I still feel so bad, though. I did end up doing a few of the lower down ones and had a great time, but man! I hate fears!

Ok, better get to bed. Went to my Home School Support Group meeting tonight and then went shopping at Target. A friend is due with her first child soon and I needed to get him some more goodies:) I love to shop for babies!

Good night!!!


l said...

Wow - that's a lot in one post!

I love getting freebies, which 2.0 and I have gotten just from being nice to our servers. It totally feels like we're being rewarded for trying to put good vibes out there and be good people.

I'm glad you realized where your mindset was and how it was contributing to your fear on the stairs. And that despite being wrapped in that you were able to appreciate what Clown was trying to do for you and to even laugh!

Lowa said...

L- Well, that's me! Rambling on about many things at once:)

Yes freebies are great! We are very nice and patient people and this time would not have been so bad. What really got me was when he acted like WE were bothering him and HE had done nothing wrong! If the manager had not come around, we would have grumbled and complained and paid and been very annoyed. We would not have spoken up, most likely. But since she gave us the opportunity, we took it!

Yes, I was leery of going to the water park, but really wanted to for the kids. It made it easier that it was not the one I was at on August 1st, 2005. I am not sure how I would have done then. The height thing drives me nuts! SO annoying! Clown is too cute and sweet to not laugh. It was just so funny to me that a seven year old child is so wise.

Library Mama said...

You have had a lucky time of it lately! Good for you guys!

I'm not very good at communicating when I'm not pleased with service. Main Man, on the other hand, considers it one of his best skills. One time when we were having KFC delivered for supper on an evening when we all had various plans later, we waited an hour for delivery. Main Man called and complained that we still hadn't received our meal and we were told that they would throw the gravy in for free since we had had to wait so long. Can you believe it? Over an hour and we were going to get a $1.50 worth of gravy free! Pretty generous, eh?


Anyway, even though Main Man's temper was simmering, he kept his cool and told them that if the order was going to take longer than 10 minutes more, there would be no point in delivering it, as none of us would be home any longer.

Good thing I had lots of good salad stuff on hand, because they never delivered it.

Main Man phoned and emailed the main district office the next day, and we still didn't get a satisfactory solution.

I'm glad your experience was so much better!

Oh - by the way - what a hoot it would have been for people to see Jesus in the Olive Garden on Easter Sunday!

Dooneybug said...

Freebies are always awesome!!

Those pictures are amazing. Looks like the Easter production was quite the show.

You son is so smart. But I know how hard it is to overcome a fear!

clairesgarden said...

wow, you have been busy!
being a server is a hard job but like any job you have to do it well so i think the manager was wuite tight to give you your meal.

Lowa said...

LM- Sounds like quite the time with KFC. That is horrible! My family never spoke up about anything, but I have learned from Stud that you need to speak up for yourself. Now, of the two of us, I am the most outspoken in situations like that. He can keep calm longer than I can. I get myself all worked up. The Olive Garden incident was no big deal, we were just mildly annoyed. Yeah, I know! I thought it would be cool to see Jesus at the Olive Garden too:)

Dooney-Yep, gotta love freebies! That is why one of my favourite things to do is to pay for the coffee for the person behind me in the drive thru window! I LOVE to see the smiles and wave back as they wave to me when I drive away:) I know how much I love it, so I love to do it for others sometimes for now reason!

Yes, it was certainly quite the production. Was completely different to me from other years, being married to Jesus. Sure changes things, isn't as emotional and stuff for some reason. I just marvel at how calm he is and how cute he looked, but other than that, the main message really escapes me. I kind of prefer when our friends have played Jesus before, then I can really get into it more. It appears that everyone was so pleased with Stud's performance that they want him to continue and be Jesus. I am not surprised. He loves acting and does improv at our church, was in "Hello Dolly" at another church we attended in SC, and just loved that entire thing. I acted in high school and kind of want to get back into it, but not badly enough to really do it I guess:)

Yes, Clown is a smart one. Taught himself to read when he was four, went around telling people the phases of matter (he loved sitting in on the Science lessons I did with his older brothers) and is very articulate. He sure is a fun one!

Claire- Hey woman! How are you?? Yes, it IS a hard job. We have had much worse serive than that and no one did anything, so I guess that is why we were surprised. No one usually asks and we don't like to complain. BTW, I am looking for local horse back riding lessons for Princess. I want to go riding again soon. I miss it!