Sunday, April 22, 2007


Does everyone like the new shirt that Princess got?? I thought she needs it:) Now if only I could add a sparkly "S" onto the end of the word "Brother"!!!

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy enjoying my kids being back at home! Cryptic agonized but choose not to return to public school after the Easter break. It is ultimately his decision. Stud and I tried to encourage him, told him there were only a few months left, he made it this far, yadda yadda. Still, he wanted to be home. We are looking into an on-line school for him for High School.

Some friends have commented at how relaxed I seem and how much happier I seem to be. I had no idea that it was that obvious. I did not realise that I was THAT upset. I hate pretending to feel a certain way, though. I wanted my kids home, but was trying to please everyone. Stud really wanted them to try this, Cryptic had the idea originally, I had to pretend that I was supportive of it when in actuality I wanted to scream every time the kids went out the door and walked to school. I wanted to yell "COME BACK!!!" I had to smile and act all happy and excited for them, when I knew it was a waste of time, for the most part. Cryptic needed to figure that out for himself. There are certainly positive things about it, I don't mean to imply that I am totally against it. It just doesn't seem to work for us. Princess is begging to stay home with all of us, but we have explained since she is in Kindergarten and goes only a few hours in the morning, she can continue. Cryptic is older and we need to allow him more freedom and let go a little bit, so he can make more life decisions. She is still young enough that we need to decide pretty much everything for her.

Jock took the news that he was not returning to public school very well. He seems happy to be back home and complains only sometimes of missing lunch and some of the kids. He has improved significantly in his attitude and demeanor. He is sweet to the younger kids, helpful and less sassy toward his father and I. He is hugging me often, says, "I love you" out of the blue many times a day like he used to and is just impressing us. So we shall see how this goes. I have been telling him how proud I am of him, how happy it makes me and how I missed the old Jock. He flashes me his gorgeous smile. Now we need to work on Cryptic. *sigh*

It seems when Jock has his head straight, Cryptic goes nuts on us. Cryptic likes to joke about it. He says when Jock behaves properly, just to shake things up, he will cop an attitude, argue, sass, etc. Just because he feels SOMEONE should. We don't find it funny. When Jock does, it, Cryptic shakes his head, grumbles, antagonises Jock and makes it worse, etc. Now when Jock is really trying, Cryptic is a butt-head! He stayed up until four this morning when he was told to go to bed at midnight. Kept Clown awake watching Star Wars movies, so Clown got hardly any sleep and slept funny on the couch here in the Rec Room. I am worried about his neck issues. Cryptic is having various consequences.

He takes it well. He knows he deserves it and just calmly says yes when I tell him, equally as calm in my tone, what all is going to happen. Jock was laying on the couch when I was talking to Cryptic about all that he would need to do to make up for his choice. Jock often complains that we are harder on him than we are on Cryptic and that he can do things wrong and doesn't have any consequences. I realised in that moment that Cryptic DOES get as many consequences. It is just that he accepts them without argument, knows it is realistic and he expects it all. Jock lips off, gets more chores added to his already large list, uses choice words so he gets money docked from his allowance, is LOUD, so we get louder to be heard above him, etc. This draws more attention and is more easily remembered, thus causing it to SEEM as if it happens more often. I brought this to Jock's attention once Cryptic was gone and he just grunted, but I let it sink in. I am sure if he thinks about it, he will know it is true. He would never admit that to me, but still. I made a great observation!

So I am thrilled to have my kids back home. Can't wait until Princess can be with us as well. Jock will attend Clown's weekly art classes with him, they are both very excited about that! He and Cryptic went last week to try it out. Cryptic doesn't care as much, but Jock LOVED it as much as Clown does.

I will fill everyone in on more news soon, but must get to bed. I was very good all last week about getting to Curves, walking, etc and want to continue. Yesterday and today were the first time that I did not do anything really physical since last Sunday when all six of us took Brom up to the school grounds and played catch, freeze tag, soccer, etc. We had a blast and I was active every day since. So I want to keep up with that, as well as start and eat better like I was back in January.

I will close with a few photos from last Sunday up at the school.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Jude said...

What great family photos, hon! And I'm happy for you and the kids that they're all home again. Afterall it's what works best for you guys.

I love Princess' T-Shirt! LOL

sydwynd said...

I give you so much credit in being able to be around your kids that much. Mine make me crazy just the evenings and weekends I'm with them. I don't think either the Wife or I would have the patience for home schooling.

It looks like this choice is going to make everyone in the family much happier. Congrats! And you're right. Sometimes kids gotta figure stuff out on thier own. If you're REALLY lucky, some day they might even tell you you were right.

But don't count on it.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog. Good to see your spirits lifted. Keep up the good work.

Lowa said...

Jude- Thanks! Yes, it does work. NO doubt:)

She loves it too:) I have another one I need to post and show you. I like it even better!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way. I need to comment on what you posted. I read it this morning and couldn't say anything at the time. I KNEW it was you:) That was such a neat idea!

Vince- I can't imagine not having my kids with me as much as possible. It is not healthy to never have a break from each other, but overall, we really enjoy our time together. I am sure that was a lot of Jock's problem. He has made a huge turn around and seems so much happier. He didn't even know how unhappy he was or something, I guess. I have just never seen the point in having kids, if I only got to spend a few hours a day with them. I LOVE to play games with them and take them to fun places and watch them just explore and be so happy and everything. A lot of people think they wouldn't have the patience for home schooling. As long as you get breaks and have a lot of support, it is awesome. I know SO MANY people who thought they could never do it and now would not have it any other way. The kids truly change when they are not in a school setting. Trust me! LOL They are not nearly as annoying and "nuts"!

LOL Yes, you are right them NOT telling me I was right! LOL

Tim- HI! I have been purusing your blog here and there and need to make the time to comment. YOu have told some hysterical jokes and stuff! I will pop in again soon, thanks for stopping by!