Tuesday, February 10, 2009



So we have another one in braces. Jock finally got his put on yesterday. We have been waiting for him to lose more baby teeth and see what all was going on. I really love our Orthodontist because not only is he nice and great with the kids, but he doesn't put the braces on needlessly. Cryptic still doesn't have his and he is 16 1/2. He waits until he just has no other choice. Waits to see what the bones and jaws are doing. He is funny, polite, considerate and he always calls the kids personally the night before to talk to them and tell them it will be a piece of cake. He has all kinda of awesome contests for them and he even has drawings for the parents. He has a movie Theatre in the office and the kids can win pizza parties in there with their friends.

Jock's mouth is a total disaster. He has one baby tooth fused to the bone...4 more that will need to be removed because they refuse to come out and his canines are way up almost in his nasal cavity. Alright...that one is not quite accurate. Just look at these photos...he has only ever lost about 3 teeth on his own, the rest always have to be removed by a dentist. He got these top front ones put on and after a month or so, we will take him to the dentist to deal with those other teeth. A few months after that, they will put the rest of the braces on. I can't remember how bad his overbite is...I recall the words "seventy percent", but that may be from something else. They say that they will most likely publish his photos in the "Before and After" book that they have there. Maybe they are talking about doing it in the Damon literature. They were quite enthralled with his mess and mentioned this a few times. Poor kid.

The first photo is him signing his contract saying he will take good care of his teeth and follow the rules. Then the next one is of him once we got home. He didn't mind me taking some shots of him at the office, getting them on. He did request that I not post those, however.

So we are very excited to see what will happen with this. Clown gets his off on March tenth. Which will mean he only had his on for not quite 6 months. They have totally done what we wanted and his cross bite is corrected. Now we will wait to see when he needs the full deal again. Cryptic goes for a check the same day Clown gets his off. We have been waiting for Cryptics's teeth to all come out and see what is happening there. He has never had the issues that his brothers have, but he does have a large gap in his front two teeth and an overbite that needs to be corrected.

So, you may be asking what did I learn the past few days?? Braces cost a lot of money.


Jude said...

I've heard that braces are a bank breaker! Sounds like this guy is a really great doc though.

Have a great weekend darlin'!

Lowa said...

Jude-Yes, this doc is truly incredible! We are so impressed and the kids love him, which is VERY important to me.

You have a great one too!