Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol

I don't know what any of your thoughts are on this show or who all watches. I just feel the need to tell my thoughts on it.

This is only the second season I watched. I normally don't get sucked into these types of things. Last Winter when my friend C was down here from Saskatchewan for a month, we got hooked on it and I decided to try again this season.

Last season I thought it was a joke that Taylor even made it as far as he did. I thought he was an OK singer and seemed like a nice guy. I thought it should have been between Kat and Chris Daughtry. I was quite annoyed when Chris got voted out and then really upset when Taylor won. It was like a joke. Now, no surprise, Taylor's CD is not doing well and Kat and Daughtry's are.

This season, at least the final two deserve to be there. I will be very pleased with whichever one that wins, although I do tend to lean toward Blake Lewis. And NO, it is not because I know a guy who works with his Dad! LOL It is because he is versatile and can do such cool things. Also, he is older than Jordin and she will have more chances.

Jordin is an awesome singer, GORGEOUS (not that it matters) and will go far. She is a lot younger and her life will be forever changed. So I hope that Blake wins!

That is all.


NTFrog said...

You have to remember, this is not a talent show - it's a popularity contest. The voters are no more qualified than you or me to pick the most talented, only the most preferred.
And I have to disagree with you - I am sure Jordin will (and should) win!! Sorry ...
(now aren't you glad I can comment again?)

sydwynd said...

I really don't watch AI. To me, they're all dime a dozen pop singers. I have heard it's coming down to entertainer versus singer.

Cindy said...

Hey there,
Just wanted to say hi and tell you that you had me in stitches when you were trying to save your dog. Between you and M's story about the bird and the grass that his wife didn't want, it just cracked me up

Library Mama said...

I didn't watch it very much this season, but when I did, I really liked Melinda.

I guess I didn't see many of Blake's performances, or if I did, they didn't make much of an impression on me.

I thought Melinda and Jordin should have been in the top two, but my boys reminded me that the top two are always a guy and a girl, so it wouldn't have worked.

Lowa said...

NTFrog- Yes, but it SHOULDN'T be! It is supposed to be based on who can actually sing and perform. Blake is much more versatile than Jordin.

Vince- Yes, you are right. I won't waste my time next year, that is for sure! Have too much other stuff to do than sit around getting fatter watching that:)

Cindy- Glad I could entertain you:) I know, the play by play that Marian did was a hoot, eh??


Yes, I am not sure why it has to be a guy and girl. As I said, I am not wasting my time again next season. Two seasons is enough for me!