Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Tonight American Idol was very strange for me.

Just before I watched it, I was searching google about my cousin, Rick Ducommun. There is a lot of stuff out there and some boards where people talk about him and how much they miss him doing his HBO specials, movies, etc.

I felt the need to respond to what someone said. They say they miss him and wonder how he is, etc. So I felt the need to update them, while at the same time trying to protect his privacy. I am not sure he knows what a huge fan base he has and took it upon myself to let this person know about him a little.

I was sharing about how he used to babysit Alan Thicke's boys, Robin and Brennan.

Lo and behold, who is on AI tonight!?!? I have not seen Robin Thicke since he was about six years old. Remember meeting them, NTFrog, or was that not a year that you went to Telemiracle?? I can't remember how many times Alan was there, but I will NEVER FORGET one year when we were in line to get autographs from him. You leaned over, pointed at your cheek and said, "Kiss". LOL It was HYSTERICAL! He obliged and leaned over and kissed your cheek:) I was shocked that the shy girl did something like that!

So did we actually meet the boys when they were little?? I have some faint memory of speaking to them briefly as they wandered around the auditorium. Yeah, I think I remember more now. Man, does he ever look like his Dad, eh?? SHEESH!

Anyway, kinda surreal for me.

The kids have announced that tomorrow is my "lazy day". Cryptic will sleep upstairs tonight and be up in the night with Brom. He has recently taken to needing to potty at odd hours sometimes. I have not been getting a solid sleep. SO Cryptic will take him out, and get Princess ready for school in the morning. I can do whatever I want during the day, people will wait on me and totally spoil me. We do this for people on their birthdays, but Stud and I often get overlooked. The kids say I have about seven of them coming to me and want me to use one before Clown's gets his lazy day in a few weeks for his eight birthday. So I am not about to say no. I was going to take them Chuck E Cheese for lunch (we like to go during the week when no one is there and they can have the run of the place) and then to the Lego Club that our HSing group does.

But what they don't know won't hurt them, right??

So I am off to sleep all night, sleep late tomorrow morning and be spiled:) TEEHEE


Library Mama said...

Ooooh, enjoy! What fun!

That is really sort of "out there" about Alan Thicke's son entering your mind through two different entrances this week. I like when things like that happen. They make me wonder - in a good way.

Now, would those boys also belong to Gloria Loring? I think she attended Telemiracle for quite a few years even after Alan Thicke stopped.

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Busy, busy!

sydwynd said...

Mom's deserve to be spoiled as much as possible. You guys work way too hard.

Didn't know you had a cousin in show biz. That's pretty cool you got to meet some celebrities.

Lowa said...

LM-Yes, they are Gloria Loring's sons as well.

I know, was pretty freaky to me!

I know you have been busy and I completely understand! I keep popping in to your blog and checking your news but cannot comment. Need to check and see how your weekend was. I am just on a break from cleaning house for the past seven hours (man, it needed it. Still needs more but looks MUCH BETTER!)

Vince- Thanks! I agree, we have a lot on our plate:) So do you Dad's though. Good thing MOther's and Father's Day are coming up, eh??

Yup. My cuz started out as a comedian. I could have met other celebrities perhaps. Poor Stud. He has a thing for Demi Moore and my cousin is the one who introduced her to Bruce Willis! LOL So he had a chance to possibly meet her some time ago. Unfortunately, my cuz upset them or something and they are no longer in touch:( Ah well, such is life.