Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I guess they don't despise her...

Tonight when I was picking Cryptic up from Tae Kwon Do and we were walking to the car, I heard someone call my name across the parking lot. It was Princess' Kindergarten teacher. She is a true gem!

So I went over and we were shocked to discover that we each had a kid going to TKD at the same place for all these months and have not run into each other yet!

I was asking her how Princess did with "Show and Tell" today. I wondered if it was alright that she took in her two costumes for the upcoming dance recital. She just got them in dance class last week and is just tickled to pieces and wanting to show them off.

She told me how it was fine, she (meaning herself) loves things like that. Then she looked at Cryptic and said, "Princess said the cutest thing today." He mumbled something and she took that to mean that she should continue. LOL

She said that some of the kids were asking about the items, as they are always encouraged to do. Some of them asked why she dances in recitals and Princess beamed proudly and replied, "Because all of my brothers say that I am the best dancer of any of the other dancers!"

I was thinking, "They did??" and looked at Cryptic. He did a grin that he and Jock both do when they are kind of touched or choked up. He ignored us and went to get in the car, like he was humiliated that there was proof that he is sometimes nice to his younger sister!

I just told Clown and Jock about it. Jock did not deny it, like he tends to do often, but did the same grin, and changed the subject by trying to show me his most recent magic trick. Only Clown proudly said, "Well of course we said that! Because it is TRUE! I am surprised she remembered though. We told her that over a year ago."

I told them that proves that what they say, especially when it is positive, doesn't get past her. She really looks up to them and values their opinions. Look what it meant to her; it is what keeps her wanting to dance!

Watch for photos of her in her costumes. She will be a movie star (complete with sequins, feathers, the whole deal!) and a zebra.

Alright, will post soon about our fun day this past Sunday down in Seattle.

Peace out!


clairesgarden said...

I'm glad she remembers the nice things. and I'm glad they get round to saying nice things!!

sydwynd said...

You are raising some good big brothers there. Of course, I pity the poor girl's boyfriends one day. Having to pass inspection from those 3? She may be single forever.

Lowa said...

Claire- Me too! Very true:)

Vince-I didn't do anything, they did it on their own. Believe me, I was kind of shocked. They CAN be sweet, though. At least they didn't do like MY three older brothers who waited until I graduate from high school to say nice things to me, tell me how proud they were, how I was the prettiest girl in school (there weren't that many though! LOL Small town) etc etc. It was so odd and we were all so uncomfortable that I quickly changed the subject. I felt bad later, because I knew it was hard for them to say what they said and took a lot of guts!

As far as the dating thing...I KNOW! My cousin was a comedian, I am sure I have mentioned him before. Rick Ducommun. Google him if you want, see all the stuff he has done. He used to tell jokes about that in his stand up act, since his family did the same. He is the oldest of four kids. Three boys and a girl. We do a lot of that in our family! He would tell jokes about how his sisters boyfriends had NO CHANCE with my Uncle and then the three boys too! LOL