Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exciting time of year!

Well, here we are again. Princess got her dance photos taken yesterday. By the time the recital happens the first weekend in June, the photos will be finished and available for pick up.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. She went around the house, doing various poses and making up ones of her own that will not be from either of her dances. I am going to post a few photos of some other little girls with her, so you can get the effect of all the pretty little girls in their sequins and boas. SUCH FUN! Talk about chattering and giggling and excitement. Those girls were in their element!

So yesterday we got out the bobby pins, gel and make up. I attempted to do her hair and make up, but being the type of woman that I am, it is not natural for me and I am not sure what I am doing. So far, things seems to turn out looking alright and before I know it, she will be able to take over. Since she is ALL GIRL and as female as they come, I know she will look totally fabulous then. Until that time comes, she seems content with me doing it:)

Clown will be eight on Saturday. His party is tomorrow and we are all going to Shrek the Third. Since all the friends who are coming are home schooled, we are going in the morning to avoid the public school rush after school gets out! Clown can hardly handle crowds as it is, so he was adamant that we do it this way.

I spoke with Princess' teacher and she told me it was fine to take Princess out for this since I volunteered to help in a booth at the school Carnival at the end of the month! Teehee We will miss a field trip to the beach. We left it up to Princess to decide. After a few days of thoughtful pondering (she is her mother's daughter!) she had some good points. She said that since the Ranger for the beach trip came into class last week and showed slides. AND since she has gone to the beach often with our family AND our Home Schooling Group, that she can miss this time. So we are relieved. We usually all attend movies like this as a family AND we ALWAYS do birthday parties together as a family.

I still cannot believe he will be EIGHT! I will obviously do a birthday post on him.

Here are the photos and I am off to the grocery store. Have a great day!


Dooneybug said...

Ahhhhh! The cuteness, my eye can't take it! All those girls dressed up like that is just too much. I bet they have a blast though!

Jude said...

Great pics, and what a little cutie Princess is. :)

Library Mama said...

How adorable!

I always say - No one appreciates cute little girls as much as the mother of three boys!

Library Mama said...

Oh - I almost forgot!

Happy birthday, Clown!

Lowa said...

Dooney-Yes, it is a sight to behold, isn't it??

Jude-Thanks. Trust me, she LOVES IT! She is in her element.

LM-I know JUST how you feel:) A woman at our church who has three sons about your boys' ages is due with a girl tomorrow:) Her youngest is about Princess' age and I always said she needed to try, I KNEW she would have a girl on #4 like I did. She insisted she was done, then I recently found out that they discovered this "oopsss" was on her way:) I am sure they are thrilled though:)

I had fun shopping for this little girl. Even though I missed church today, I sent Stud there with a cute gift bag full of gifts (I missed her shower a few weeks back) and another bag of some of Princess' old outfits for the baby to wear this summer. Good times, I tell you:)

Thanks! I am trying to get his birthday post posted! Looking thorugh pictures and trying to keep it down to under 100:) LOL There are just so many cute ones of him:) teehee