Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Can you believe this!?!?

He just needs them on the top for 8-10 months to correct his crossbite.

He was very brave!


sydwynd said...

He's a lucky boy. Maverick is in for the long haul with his.

Lowa said...

Vince- Actually, so is my wee Clown. He has to do this and then when he is 14 or 15, he gets the whole shebang for 2-3 years...*sigh* This bit here was 2 Grand and then that will be 4-6 Grand.

And that is just Clown. Jock gets his on this coming spring and they are still not sure what to do about Cryptic's, we just know he needs them. All told, we are looking at about 20 grand at least. And we are praying Princess doesn't need anything!

That is a lot of guitars, eh?? LOL

Dooneybug said...

Wow, seems like kids get braces so early these days. I'm sure that's a good thing though, early prevention. I never had braces but I did wear a retainer for a couple years. It probably helped keep my teeth straight so that I didn't need braces - I had the retainer to make enough room for my back teeth to come in. Looking at my son's teeth now, I'm thinking he's going to end up with braces. He's more like my husband who had to have braces. They aren't bad but I can see some potential issues. Hopefully my daughter has my teeth! :)

Jude said...

Hey nice to see you back finally, woman! LOL

It will be soooo worth it once the braces come off.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving honey!

Lowa said...

Dooney-Yes, many of my kids' friend have had them on for years. I am glad our Ortho won't do it until it is going to really take. He has been seeing Cryptic and Jock for about 5 years now, just checking ever 6 months to see how things are moving along. Cryptic will be 16 next month, still needs them and doesn't have them yet. His mouth is taking a long time doing what it is doing and the ortho doesn't want to risk re-doing the braces, which we certainly appreciate. He and Jock likely need them within the next 9 months or so and will have them a few years. I had them for FOUR years! Two of my brothers did also. My hubby had them for a few years, can't remember what he said. I know what you mean. You can kind of tell early if it is going to be messy in there or not, eh?? Although Clown was a shocker to us, until this teeth came out and started coming in all willy nilly and some almost back into the roof of his mouth, poor kid! LOL I hope the next set he needs for the lower and upper won't have to be on for too long. GUess time will tell...

Jude-Yay, I know I have been scarce. LOL Yes, we are glad that he is getting these fixed. Our poor little man...he is so tough:) One of the wires was poking him after 4 or 5 days. He was on the trampoline and came crying to me...his cheek was caught on a wire! I felt SO BAD for him and I couldn't get it off, so Dad came to the rescue. Yet another added bonus of Dad working from home every day:) Always around to help us!

Hope you have a great turkey day! I always mean to make the meal but it is a lot of work all by myself and twice a year (American Thanksgiving and Christmas) is draining on me:)