Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can it be true??

My baby turned eight years old this past Friday. My oldest baby will be 16 years old next month...I was 39 on the 1st of this month.


So here are a few shots from the birthday itself. Her party is this coming Saturday the 18th at a local pool. She is beside herself with excitement of course!

As my few regular readers may recall, we hide gifts for the kids on their birthdays. They play hot and cold, go on a treasure hunt by reading clues, etc. Adds to the fun! So she found this horse thing that she had been wanting, hidden under her pillow there in the fort. She and Clown sleep in there on the weekends. They love to sleep under the piano! Goofy kiddos!

Jock did not want to be in this photo of her opening what her three brothers got her. He had not showered, which means he had not done his hair. So if his hair is not "just so" understand, I am sure. You know how 13 year old boys can be:)

I LOVE THIS ONE! She and Clown started doing the jewelry making kit. Clown loved to do it, but there were not many things that could pass as "masculine" and of course Jock started making fun of him for playing with a "girl toy". Princess is looking at him like, "Please Clown! Just make some of this stuff with me!!" And he is looking at me like, "MUM! Get that camera out of here!" LOVE IT!

Alrighty, even though I need to get to bed to get Princess to drama class in the morning, I am going to settle in and watch some "Corner gas" with Stud. We love this show. The only trouble is every time we watch it, I crave my good old Canadian junk food that I see in the background:)



Jude said...

Hiding the gifts is a great idea, it would be a lot of fun for the kids!

I have to admit I'd hate living somewhere else other than Canada, and partly for the familiar foods! LOL

sydwynd said...

Amazing how both we and the kids keep getting older, isn't it?

Happy Birthday to you and your youngest!

Lowa said...

Jude-Yes, they wake up to one on their bed (or in her case, near her "Nest" under the piano!) and then we hide the others throughout the day. They LOVE IT! I know it. *sigh* I never imagined I would not live in the great white north, but then I met this silly American on the internet and he conned me into marrying him! LOL

Vince-I know it! I have never been one who liked it. Even when I was a kid, I hated getting older. I remember turning ten. All my friends thought it was so cool to be in the double digits and I almost cried. I hated it and dreaded my 13th, on and on. I was so sad to graduate from high school, I knew I would never be able to get those years back. A lot of people are glad of that...I am not one of them.

Thanks for the B-Day wishes! We were both spoiled this year:) Well...she usually is. But Stud outdid himself this year for me:)