Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I got this from Jude. Thought it would be fun.

1. Where is your cell phone? Charging

2. Where is your significant other? Playing guitar at the first church service.

3. Your hair color? Auburn with LOTS of gray that is currently being masked.

4. Your mother? At my brother's in Calgary.

5. Your father? With my mother, other brother at my bro and SIL's in Calgary.

6. Your favorite thing? Looking at pictures of my kids or being with my kids.

7. Your dream last night? Something weird about my parents' young foster boy.

8. Your dream/goal? To live on at least 2 acres of land and have goats, etc again.

9. The room you're in? My bedroom.

10. Your hobby? Love to do a lot of things, never get time:( Painting, hiking, sewing. Never do any of them:(

11. Your fear? My husband or any of my children dying.

12. Where do you want to be in six years? On some land, milking goats and listening to my children run around laughing and playing in the fresh air on said land.

13. Where were you last night? My daughter's 8th birthday party at a local swimming pool.

14. What you’re not? I am not happy with all the zits I seem unable to rid myself of!

15. One of your wish list items? For my husband to move us onto land like we always said we would do. We said we would raise our children on some land with trees and we have ALWAYS lived in the city. My dream is for him to remember what I THOUGHT was our dream together and actually do something to work towards it coming true.

16. Where you grew up? On 80 acres West of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the BEST country on earth!

17. The last thing you did? Asked one of my daughter's slumber party guests if she was hungry yet and wanted me to make her any breakfast. (she said no, not yet)

18. What are you wearing? A pink tank top and men's boxers with Canadian flags all over them. A big fluffy white robe on top of all that.

19. Your TV? VERY nice! Flat screen LCD with HD. It is honestly very pretty for a TV. Has ruby red kind of subtly worked in to the edge.

20. Your pet? Two cats and a one dog. I want more dogs and some goats, chickies, kitties, get the idea:( *sniff*

21. Your computer? Yup. It is sitting right here. No clue what kind or anything.

22. Your mood? hungry and my back hurts.

23. Missing someone? My paternal grandmother, three of my uncles, my aunt, my cousin and my baby brother. All of the above died within the past five years except for one of the uncles. I wish people would STOP doing that!

24. Your car? 1995 Honda Accord. If you really want to know details, you can go here. I remember him saying something about the exact kind.

25. Something you’re not wearing? A bra or anything on my feet. I cannot STAND anything on my feet.

26. Favorite store? I have a few, but Target seems to be where I get most of the things that we need. Even some things we don't need! LOL

27. Your summer? Yuck. I don't really enjoy summer.

28. Love someone? Absolutely, many.

29. Your favorite color? Deep blue and/or deep purple.

30.When is the last time you laughed? yesterday at the antics of my second-born at his sister's party.

31. Last time you cried? has been a while. Oh no, I guess it was last week while talking on the phone about my baby brother with my Mum. She didn't even cry (which is real progress) it was only me crying for a bit.

Alrighty, better go feed myself and get these kids fed! Anyone who wants to do this, feel free. Please let me know, though, so I can come and read it:)


Jude said...

Oh I hope you get your dream of living on some nice property come true! Especially if it's back here in Canada! *wink*

Lowa said...

You and me isn't too much to ask for, is it?? I am sure it isn't...I am so sad that we planned to do such a simple thing and now he is going back on his word:( He always has a different excuse and reason too:(

My dream place would be some land there near Beaumont. Close enough to Edmonton, close enough to country...snow in the winter...*sigh* It would be BLISS I tell you BLISS!!! I can't imagine my kids just playing for hours in the snow like my brothers and I always did...they always dream of it too:(

Jude said...

I can't honestly imagine winters without at least some snow... especially at Christmas!

Lowa said...

Jude-Trust me, it SUCKS. Although last year all I asked for for Christmas was a white one. I prayed and asked God PLEASE give me a white Christmas.

Sure enough, for the first time in YEARS, it snowed here on that day:) Was gorgeous!