Monday, October 27, 2008

Three down, one to go...

Well, Clown and I just had "The Talk".

He has heard various terms and knows some things about puberty. Aunt Flo for girls, hormones causing changes, etc. The past few months he has been asking a lot about detail and I tend to go into too much detail. I kept on putting it off in hopes that he would catch me in a mood when I would not give TMI. We have a pretty open policy here in the home about coming to us with anything at all, this topic not being an exception. Have always used correct terms for body parts, etc.

Finally today he came into the bedroom just as I was about to go downstairs to do math and history with he and Princess. He said, basically, "OK, that's it. I want to know how the sperm gets to the egg." I had asked him the other night if he had any ideas. He claimed he didn't but I think he had pretty much figured it out and just didn't want to come out and say it!

So we talked as he hid under the covers on his Dad's side of the bed and I sat there on my side. For much of it, he was turned away from me. He would ask questions before I could even finish one explanation. Every so often he would turn toward me, his mouth agape in horror and whatever I had just divulged would bring up five more questions. Was an interesting conversation. He wasn't as horrified as Cryptic had been. I remember he could not even bring himself to LOOK at his dad for days after! LOL

Anyway, at the end of the whole thing Clown quipped, "Oooooh!! So do you think they call them "Sperm Whales" because they like to "do it" more than any other whales??"

That's my boy!!!


sydwynd said...

I'm impressed how well he handled it. And love the sense of humor!

We've been carefully dancing around the subject with Maverick, since he's 12. Problem is he tends to bring stuff up when his little brother is around. They do know that "sex" results in babies but not the details. On a side note, Grasshopper likes to use "sex" as a verb, such as "Did you sex Mom to have us?" That totally kills me.

Jude said...

Oh my, although it was heartbreaking not having any kids of my own I'm sure glad I was spared having to have "the talks"!! LOL

Lowa said...

Vince-Your boys are a hoot! I love the quote from Grasshopper!

Clown has a little friend who would make the motion of a finger going back and forth through a hole he makes with his other hand...that TICKED ME OFF!! My parents always told us not to talk about any of that type stuff with other kids, in case their parents hadn't told them yet. I guess not even one extends that courtesy. So once Clown knew details he said..."Ohhhhh...I get it now!!" about the motion his friend did. There were a LOT of "A HA!" moments. He handled it better than I did and I was right about his age when my Mum told me. I freaked out and was really grossed out. He took it all very matter of factly and even went so far as to tell me he will be very gentle with his wife, he doesn't want to hurt her. HOW SWEET IS THAT!?!?

Jude-yes, there are a lot of things you are spared and I am glad you appreciate them:) I am sorry you couldn't have kids, that is rough.

clairesgarden said...

well done you, brave mom!

Mommy of Many said...

I had a good laugh at your description of the whole event. Keep up your great communication with your kids. It really pays off when they are older!

WILLIAM said...

Did you tell them they would be called Horny Whales?

Lowa said...

Claire-Thanks! I try:)

Mommy of Many-Glad I could make you laugh. I will take any advice from you that I can get since you have done such an incredible job with all of your's. Please come back any time and give me more:)

Bill-You crack me up! Sorry, didn't do that:)