Saturday, October 18, 2008


I just HAD to share some photos of Jock from his sister's 8th birthday party this afternoon.

First, he is licking the icing off the Hannah Montana lip gloss guitar that was on the cake. I get a kick out of the this because of the looks on the little girls' faces. You can see Princess reassuring them that all is well, this is just Jock being Jock! I have never put a photo on my blog without the kids' parents' permission...I need to check with them I guess, I just CANNOT resist. I just find this SO FUNNY! Especially K, the girl with black hair in the brown clothes. She is in one of Princess' dance classes and is a hoot herself! I am assuming she doesn't have any older brothers, by the look on her face:)

Then Jock decided he would make himself an outfit from the ribbons and wrappings and such...

See why I love this kid?? Never a dull moment! No need to hire entertainment, just bring Jock along! I should put some video out here of he and his friend sucking all the helium from the balloons and having a grand old time!

Then here is this guy. My calm, cool, and collected Cryptic. Here he is, long fingernails and all (they are not currently painted black, as you have most likely ascertained on your own) sweetly capturing memories of his sister and her guests frolicking in the swimming pool that we rented out for the hour. *contented sigh* Isn't he handsome??

So Princess had a wonderful time. Aside from me having Stud cut two different kinds of cheese into teeny leaf shapes to go with the crackers and meat and after all that ~ forgetting them at home!...and forgetting the ice cream scooper and cake slicer here at home...and Clown thinking he forgot his trunks and towel at home and dissolving in tears, only to quickly recover and wipe frantically at his eyes when Stud told him he packed them and all was well...I think it went pretty well! OH! I also totally forgot my DELICIOUS pumpkin loaf with cream cheese. I will take a photo of that and post it soon. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. It is truly DIVINE.

So the post is title the way it is because of Jock. When I discovered those photos on the camera on the drive home, Stud and I said that at least some of them would end up on our blogs. Teehee He begged us not to and said he was hyper. That is fine, they are still going on the blogs:) Be curious to see which ones Stud uses:)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Katie Cesaro said...

He reminds me so much of Chris when he was younger! Always doing crazy stuff and entertaining everyone!! I hope he keeps that! He looks like a lot of fun to be around!


Lowa said...

KT-Hey girl! I don't think you have ever commented on my blog, have you??

yes, it is actually quite uncanny, according to Perry how similar he is to his Uncle Chris. The birth order thing really fascinates me. He is VERY similar to my older brother who is second in line. He stirs things up, gets people riled up and upset and then just chuckles, walks away and tries to act like he has no idea what is going on and not a clue why people are crying/yelling, etc.

Jude said...

Great shots! And yes PLEASE do post your recipe for the pumpkin loaf with cream cheese, YUM!

Lowa said...

Ok, I will post it soon...I am eating a slice right is truly SCRUMP-DIDDLY-I-CIOUS!!