Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun weekend!

We have had a nice relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we left Brain with the other kids and ran down the road to Azteca to have a nice leisurely supper. Stud was surprised, he had thought he was going to eat left over roast, but he got yummy Mexican! In peace and quiet no less.

Yesterday, Stud and Jock went to Jock's hockey evaluations to determine where to place him on a team. From there, it was off to the music store to get Jock a Sax for band class at school. The rest of us here at home cleaned a bit and I can't even remember what else.

Today, we all got ready in plenty of time and were not even late for church!!! There was a meeting after church that we went to where they fed us, so that saved us making lunch! We stayed even longer after the meeting and played in the new children's area. Brain and Clown played video games while Jock, Stud, Princess and I played basketball and air hockey. Princess showed her brothers and Dad where she has choir practice and then she and Jock and Clown vacuumed out one of the rooms for a teacher. Apparently in their class, Manna (crushed up frosted flakes) had fallen from heaven and made quite a mess. The kids offered to clean it up and had fun doing it.

We came back home and went down to the Lighthouse Festival. We live less than a mile from the ocean and have a cute little lighthouse in our little town. So we finally got to see some of the festival. We did not bother with the parade, pancake breakfast, etc etc yesterday. We had a nice time for a few hours there today and then came home and grilled some burgers and dogs and ate out in the backyard. I will show some photos that Princess and I took.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


sydwynd said...

How neat! My older boy plays the sax (just like I did at that age). It was the beginning of my path to rock god wannabe stardom! So you better keep an eye on that boy!

The weekend at our place was fairly typical. No time for much of anything but the kids activities and cleaning. Dull, I know.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Sounds like you had a great time. At least you are a family that does things together and that is so important. I enjoy reading about your activities.

Lowa said...

sydwynd-That is cool! Jock is really liking it, but it is driving us all nuts already! He says he can play better outside, and goes in the yard and plays really loud. I hope the neighbours don't mind. If he messes up, he stomps his feet or yells. He has already cleaned it about seven times and is very pleased with it. Most of our weekends sound like your's, this one was unusual.

Ramblin'- Yes, we sure do try! I am glad you enjoy. I have not had much time to comment on blogs lately, need to go catch up on your's soon!