Tuesday, September 12, 2006

They don't know Jesus here

So we found out that there is another familiar face besides the Pastor's niece in Princess's class.

Yesterday "Teacher J" (the pastor's SIL, who is his niece's mother, obviously. She taught Princess's classes at church for the past few years, and we call her Teacher J) was telling me how a mutual friend from church had said that our friend's son was also going to school there. We had not seen him and had not seen his parents in a while, so were trying to figure out if he was in fact attending or the friend had been mistaken.

Stud told me that last night that when he and the three younger kids were playing in the street with their hockey sticks and a ball, Princess told him that "P from church" was in her class. She said, "You remember, he used to pull my hair a lot?? Well, he is in my class at school now and he doesn't pull my hair anymore!"

So this morning teacher J and I were talking as we dropped the kids off. Then suddenly there was K, P's Dad. P was looking around all confused, poor guy! You could tell he was a bit out of sorts, seeing people from church in a new environment and he is not used to this new school. He had been attending a Christian Private Pre-K school and K told us that he said to his parents, "I want to go back to my old school, they don't know Jesus here!"

I thought that was so sweet and even profound. He seems to feel better knowing that C (teacher J's daughter) and Princess are in his class. Hopefully he has indeed grown out of the hair pulling stage:)


sydwynd said...

If his parents do a good job, then he'll bring Jesus with him not matter where he goes. That's a very cute comment, however.

Library Mama said...

Well, I guess P will just have to introduce Jesus around! :-)

How cute is that remark?! What a sweetheart he must be! It reminds me of my #3's remark about how sad it must be to be atheist.

Sounds like P and #3 would get along famously. (But they might end up fighting over Princess, and we wouldn't want that!)

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Happy and Blue 2 said...

I thought you home schooled..
Anyways, hope P adjusts to Jesus being around more, ha, ha..

Lowa said...

sydwynd- Exactly!

LM- Yes, the kids are SO PRECIOUS! I am sure that #3 and P would get along great. He has mellowed. He was a wild one. He is best rememebered for setting off the fire alarm at our church one time!

Happy- We did homeschool. Taking a year to try this whole public school thing out. It is interesting, to say the least!