Friday, September 22, 2006

School pictures and a quote

So Princess has her school pictures done today. Then we are finished with all of that. Brain and Jock had their's done almost a month ago, I sure hope we get them soon. Stud took Princess for a hair cut last night while I was at my water aerobics class. Man, that class from last night is another story entirely. Talk about entertainment!

So here are some shots of my baby girl all ready to go this morning. She LOVES her new shortest ever hairdo. It is so light and she can swing it all around. What I wouldn't give for her nice straight hair! It was itsy tight black curls when she was born and then got lighter with a lot of red. Had pretty little ringlets until she was almost four and we chopped them off because her hair was almost to her waist and driving her nuts. Stud and I hated to chop off all those gorgeous curls that were at the ends of her staight hair, but she was miserable.

It seems she and I are into pink and black together this year. I love black, and she loves pink, so perhaps we are blending our likes together. She is getting the point where I don't have much say in the clothes she likes. Obviously I have the final word as far as things that are inappropriate but she is young enough where she has not wanted anything like that yet. Except for this one bikini. YIKES! It is horrifying what they make for little kids now, people have no self respect. Anyway, seems odd that she is now choosing most of her outfits. She is growing up so fast!

Best friends. Aren't they precious!?? I need to also show one of my faves of them together from years back...

I also leave you with something Brain said a few weeks back. I will quote him (Except where it says Jock and Princess, he actually used their true names. They have identical initials, by the way...but I disgress, as always) right here-

"It's said that one in every four Americans is mentally impaired. I'm thinking it's either Jock or Princess."


NTFrog said...

the kids look great!! I showed my kids, and guess who wants to get HER hair cut just like Princess?

sydwynd said...

Your daughter is going to be a heartbreaker one day. That is one very cute girl. The new haircut looks great on her. I'm sure she gets her good looks from her mom.

Considering there's 4 people in our household, I'm pretty sure I know which one is mentally impaird (twitch, twitch).

Lowa said...

NTFrog- Sorry,C! LOL Are you going to let her?? After you just worked so hard growing her bangs and everything all out?? I meant to tell you, I love her hair that way, it looks precious. Tell her that Auntie L thinks it looks great how it is, if you want.

Vince-Yeah, she's alright looking I guess. LOL My family and many of my friends think she looks like me, Stud's family thinks she looks like him. I think she looks mostly like Princess. What throws people is that she has light eyes and hair, which is very unlike myself, with my dark hair and eyes. So I think since Stud has the light eyes and hair, maybe that is why they think she looks like him?? Just a theory. Looking at pictures of me when I was younger, I DO see more of myself than him, as far as shape of face, setting of the eyes, etc. I love genetics!!!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

She is a cutie. You have a great family... well the jury is still out on the mother but we understand. hee, hee.

NTFrog said...

I wouldn't mind if she wanted to cut her hair shorter - it's getting pretty long, and there are days I wish it was shorter and more manageable! I think if she got a cut like P's, the bangs would actually start blending with the rest (and that would be a good thing!)