Friday, September 01, 2006

Dining Area

This is from May, 2001. Note the "Splat Mat" under Clown's high chair. This was a futile attempt at keeping the carpet relatively safe and clean.

Then this is from December 2004. The only changes were -

1. An attempt at curtains. The blinds are still under the curtains.

2. As well as slowly getting new chairs. We got two of those green plushy chairs at a time, then waited a few months and bought a few more. At this point, we still needed two more. Also, the table that you can't see under the party table cloth was given to us by our neighbour. It is a lovely dark wood, 100 year old beauty. It needs to be refinished and we have not done that yet. The table in the 2001 photo is now down in the Rec Room and has been christened "The Craft Table" or sometimes "The schoolroom table".

These were all taken last night. It is difficult having windows built into corners as they are in this house. It really limits a person' choices on window treatments. The walls are actually a deep "cranberry" and the drapes are a dark shimmery forest green. The true shades do not come across in the photos. It is prettier in person, trust me:)


Jude said...

I LOVE the red!! That's the colour I want to put somewhere in my house... I've been thinking one wall in my kitchen. :-)

And your old table and chairs, I had that in my kitchen several years ago!

l said...

I painted my great room red, and I loved it! We had maple floors and white trim, the contrast was nice.

Do they make the splat mats in designer colors for grown ups? I think those would come in handy in my laundry room.

Library Mama said...

I can understand about the corner windows posing a challenge, but I still sort of like them. (We don't have them in our house, but I like them when I've seen them.)

There's a house down the street with corner windows, and they have a desk set up there. Sometimes when I drive by, I see someone working there. I think it must be a bright, interesting place to work.

Sorry I haven't been by much. I think commenting may become a weekend activity for me. Life is just such a whirlwind now that school is back in session. Hope all is well with you and yours.