Friday, September 08, 2006

Public School

Well, so far things are going swimmingly.

Princess keeps saying, "I am telling you, I had a BLAST at school today!"

She had an hour on Wednesday and then yesterday and today were full days. Which means two and a half hours. She is SO EXCITED! Our Pastor's niece is in her class and they have grown up together in the church, so that is nice. They were glad to see each other! They are also in the kids choir in church together, they went for their first practice on Wednesday night. Princess LOVED IT! She is singing up a storm to the CD here at home and knows so many motions already to do along with the singing. PRECIOUS!

Brain and Jock set their alarms and get up all on their own. They make their own lunches, get their backpacks ready, get some breakfast, get dressed and are pacing and waiting until it is time to leave. Stud and I were still in bed this morning (I normally get up and go for a jog at 5:30 or 6, but I went out with a friend last night and didn't get to bed until after midnight, so I wasn't about to try and get up that early) when we heard them out in the kitchen, getting their breakfast and chattering away excitedly to each other.

Jock has been feeling a bit sick and put himself to bed last night at about 7. He ran a cool bath to bring down a "fever", Stud went quickly to get him some cough drops before I left to meet up with my friend V, and Jock was in bed before I left. He had been crying, worried sick that he would be too ill to go to school today. Like it was the end of the world! LOL Which I am certain to him it would have been. I called Stud after the movie to check in and he said Jock had gone right to sleep and they did not hear a peep from him.

Brain was pretty nervous the first day. He was almost throwing up, just like when he was flying to Calgary a few weeks back. Jock did not want to be seen with me or have me anywhere near him. So he walked far ahead of us and met up with a friend or two and disappeared into the crowd.

Brain was the opposite. I walked him there, went IN the building with him and he actually wanted me to go into his first class with him and get him settled. I was debating on how to handle it when the teacher came out in the hall to welcome him. I told him of Brain's fear of not working the combination on his locker and the man was very nice and said he would help him, which I knew but wanted Brain to be re-assured.

Now they are very pleased and can't wait to get there. Jock is more excited than Brain and talks mostly of girls. *sigh* I knew he would be popular and from what he AND Brain say, I was correct. People are all over him. He is charming, funny and really cute, if I do say so myself! LOL Apparently, he has his eye on one girl already. He says she looks like Thandie Newton and he appears to be quite twitter-pated. It is strange for me to see my little boy acting this way! I am excited for him, but kind of scared for some reason.

My boys have always been attracted to darker girls. I find things like that so interesting. I have always thought black or Hispanic guys were good looking. I know it shouldn't matter, that is just the way it is. Stud and I find it amusing that I ended up with him, a blonde green eyed guy! LOL My brothers seem to end up with non-Caucasian people too, now that I think about it. My oldest bro married a woman who looks black, but is East Indian. My third one married a beautiful woman from El Salvador and the second was dating a Vietnamese woman. I just find this all very interesting for some reason.

Brain said that girls are very friendly and come and try to sit with him at lunch. Things sure have changed since I was a kid! MAN! He thinks it is amusing. Jock is jealous and was saying in front of Clown and Princess, "All the hot babes like Brain! It's not fair, cause Brain doesn't even care!" I told him not to use words like "hot", "babe", "chick" or anything along those lines in front of his younger sibs.

Brain does care. He is just not as loud about it as Jock likes to be. Brain has noticed girls for quite some time, he is like I always was, feels no need to announce personal things like that.

Apparently Jock's friend was coaching him in the art of "asking a girl out". Jock was sharing this information with me and I was impressed that he knew how off base and out of line his friend was and how to properly talk with females. Maybe I am doing more right than I thought and they actually DO pay attention to things?? LOL

I have told Jock not to worry about it anyway, he just turned eleven, he is not "dating" anyone. He is NOT pleased. Ah well, such is life.

I could ramble on a lot more, as you all know. However, I have let the house go this past week and must get cleaning. I promised Princess I would have a tea party with her and curl her hair with some new curlers. I will close with some photos of them on their way on the first day of school. Jock was MAD and thought that I was making him late for school. Little dork!

Clown and Princess walking her up to the school. She is carrying her first "homework" which is a poster that is all about her. A short description of her and her favourite things to do, eat, etc. She is very pleased with herself, as you can tell. I know we made a great decision in sending her. She is in heaven with a room full of little girls and fun activities to do!


Jude said...

I remember being excited about the first day back to school. Then it would always quickly wear off. LOL!

Great pics of the kids!

sydwynd said...

Glad the kids are adjusting so well! I remember being a teen and having girls and music on my mind all the time. Well, I'd only think about music a little and girls the rest of the time.

Lowa said...

I know, me too:) I keep telling them I will be glad if this lasts more than a few months:)

Thanks, I love pics of my babies:) teehee