Monday, February 18, 2008

Final Truth

So here is the last bit about this stuff and then on to other things!

Another lie was ~

6. I am allergic to any kind of nut.

Not even close. I am not allergic to anything but some animals and apparently shrimp. Love it, but every time I eat it, I puke it back up within half an hour. So I deduced that I am allergic or something. I fight through the animal thing since, let's face it, that is CRUEL. No one should have to live without animals. I was fine as a kid and since I was without them for a few years when I was in University, once I was around them again this nonsense started. After a few days, I seem to "acclimate".

7. I met my husband on the internet when I was 20.

This was also a tricky one. I did indeed meet him on the internet. But I was eighteen, not twenty:) We got married when I was twenty! That is why this even tricked some of my family members:) teehee I KNEW it would be tricky.

We met in August of 1988, he flew up to meet me in person in December. He flew me down to spend three weeks in SC in April of 1989 and then he flew to Saskatoon in July and spent a week or so. He proposed on the phone before he came up in July, I laughed and called him a name (I am SO SWEET and romantic!) and then he proposed in person with a ring when he came up. I just thought it was happening SO FAST and wasn't sure how I felt about him. I hardly knew him, even though we spent hours on the phone and the computer. He was the first boyfriend I had ever had. I had been too shy to go out with any guys who asked me that I knew in person. Even though we have had our ups and downs, it has worked out great!

Now for the final truth...

4. I am not at all athletic but for some reason the very first time I went water skiing, I popped right up easily and had a blast!

Yes friends, it is true. This clutzy freak did indeed pop right up the first try ever. Now, that doesn't mean I could ever do it again, but I thought it was funny that I popped up the first time I ever went waterskiing! LOL MY SIL, Stud's baby sister knew this because she was there when it happened:)

So there you have it. The Winner is Jinny and I have a feeling that her Auntie helped her! Although then she said Marian said she got one I am not sure! Marian and I met in Grade ten and Jinny was a wee little five year old lass the first time I met her. Now she is married and has a baby boy!??! ACK! I feel SO OLD! Anyway, like I already told you Jinny, I am having fun looking for little goodies for you. Aren't you glad you started reading my blog?? teehee

Thanks for playing everyone. I have some more ideas for another one, so may do this again in a few months. I want to blog about meeting some of the Tips last week also. Ooooo...looks like my buddy Zach Hamill is doing as well as ever! Looky here This guy is truly AWESOME! They were such sweet guys putting up with all of us olde ladies too:)

It will all make sense when I blog about it soon. Need to go play with my precious babies! Clown is getting the Wii set up:)

Peace out!


BoufMom9 said...

What a sweet story about you meeting your husband. I used to think it was crazy that people met online and became friends (or more), but now I know better.
Some of my best friends are from an online twin group I joined in 2006 while pregnant. CRAZY!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Why do I smell a conspiracy? How convenient that another Canadian won the contest. Hmmmmm, is there something rotten in Cardston? I enjoyed reading your truth and lies blogs. Learned something more about you.
We had a "Red Chair" in our home. It was a folding chair that I painted a very bright red and when I told one of the kids to go set on the red chair they knew they were is serious trouble. There wasn't too much contemplating what they had done wrong, they knew it was far more serious than that. They all think it was funny now.

Lowa said...

I know, so odd. It is very different now than it was back in the day when Stud and I met. I am still a little surprised when I think about it a lot. I was too shy to talk to any guys in person, so I guess this was the best way for me; break the ice on the phone/internet before meeting in person:) I am not as shy now as I was then, however.