Friday, February 15, 2008

Some game answers revealed

So I am copying my friend Chas with this whole thing and also with revealing a few at a time.

We do have a winner, and she will be sent something very lovely very soon. I will not reveal who she is as yet, I am sure by the end of revealing all the answers, she will figure it out:) Thanks to everyone who played!

I will reveal two lies today and then more lies and truths in the days to come.

The first two lies are ~

1. Before having children and choosing to be a SAHM, I was studying to be a Veterinarian.

I HAVE always loved animals and still do. I spent my childhood outside with the goats, cows, horses and ponies, cats and dogs and sometimes ducklings and piggies that we had on the acerage that I grew up on. I planned on being a Veterinarian, but once I really thought about it and realised that I would have to give them needles and be "mean" to them and scare them sometimes in order to make them well, I opted against it.

I had a job when we lived in SC as a Vet Tech. I learned as I went and they taught me on the job. I enjoyed it, but dreamt of escaping and just being a SAHM. Once we moved up here, I got a job as a Vet Assistant and also enjoyed it, to a point. I did the "dirty" and very physical work. I got to work first and closed up at night (with just a few hours break in the middle of the day. Not enough time to run any errands or really get anything done). I lifted all the heavy bags, cleaned, did laundry (and there was LOTS OF IT!!!) bathed dogs/cats, cleaned up puke/poop, cleaned runs and cages, helped the Vets hold animals down when they needed help, administered meds, came in on weekends to walk/feed/clean any animals that were there, etc. I got paid a whopping $600/month to do this! I rode my bike or walked while my husband drove a $20,000 car that we could not afford! I got over the idea of being a Vet very quickly. Even though I had realised years prior that I was sure I did not want to be one, I REALLY was certain after those jobs.

I went to University and was studying Psychology. After seeing what all my foster siblings had been through, I wanted to help any little kids who had been abused, neglected or anything. So I was planning on being a child psychologist.

2. I have been to Costa Rica four times.

I have been to Costa Rica two times. My oldest brother's wife divorced him after three kids and not quite five years of marriage. She is a teacher and re-married and travels the world teaching in International schools. In 2002, they were in Costa Rica and I had not seen my nephew and nieces for a few years. Stud had just bought a $10,000 motorcycle without talking to me about it. I told him if HE could have fun and do whatever HE wanted, I was leaving for a break and to see my nieces and nephew. So I flew down there and stayed for a little over a week. Then the next year I flew down with my oldest brother for his son's Graduation:) It was VERY nice! I would love to go back and travel around it a bit. I never made it to any beaches or rainforest or anything, but my ex-SIL did drive us to a cool volcano and I want to go back and see more:)

So there you have it! Tomorrow I will do two more lies and a truth:) Time to take Cryptic to his weekly Oceanography class.


The Ramblin Irishman said...

I just knew you were a Canadian goat herder of some sort.:) Now listen little Missy, an attitude adjustment is in the making. A man has every right in the world to purchase a motorcycle without any stipulations. Women always view it in the wrong way.:) My daughter went to Costa Rica and loved it. They toured around on their own and seen things that most people would not see. She thought it was a lovely place. Hmmm, you mentioned it was a "she" who won. Hmmmmmmm.

Library Mama said...

Well, now I know it's not me...

Still I'm looking forward to learning what's true and what's not.

l said...

You've been to Costa Rica four times? I have to end my comment now, lest I start outright whining.

sydwynd said...

Dang! Got that one wrong.

Lowa said...

Tim-Oh yes, I loved my goats. The kids and I dream of having some goats. There are some where Princess had been taking riding lessons and Jock and Clown would just play with and feed them. Princess was a bit sad, she wanted her brothers to watch her ride the horses! LOL

One tidbit I forgot to mention about the motorcycle ~ He bought it when his company was going bankrupt, refused to listen to me about taking another job and we had to take out a loan just to eat and pay the mortgage since his company was only paying him 40% of his salary WHEN they decided to do even that. He believed in the company, REFUSED to listen to me and go to any of the other companies desperate for his talent and went out and bought a motorcycle, but still won't let me buy curtains for the bedroom windows! UH!??! What do you make of THAT, sir?? :)

yes,I would love to go back to CR and actually sight see.

LM-Glad you are back. I know what you mean about not wanting to blog, or do anything much at all. Been there and am sure I will be back to that at some point. It comes and goes, eh?? Thanks for playing!

L-HEY GIRL! Where you BEEN!?!? Nope, just twice. But you have been to Hawai'i more than me, right?? :)

Vince-I think #1 was rricky just cause it is clear how much I love animals, so it makes sense. I did that on purpose to trick people:) I guess I am smarter than I give myself credit for and it worked, eh?? LOL