Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ok people, here you go. I am going to talk about some of the guys from the Everett Silvertips.

We are HUGE fans here in our household and really want to billet one of these young pups one day. The thing is, they need their own bathroom and bedroom and our house is not set up for that. We don't even have enough room for the six of us who live here now! LOL

We think it would be a huge thrill for Jock especially and a great experience for him. He could learn a lot character wise as well as about the game of hockey. I hope we can do it one day soon (when Stud listens to me and buys us some land, digs us a basement and we toss a triple wide on there and call it good) before Jock moves out! We would have PLENTY of room. I know, I know. It depreciates in value. Whatever! At least we would have an awesome place to live! Not to mention the possibility of billeting a TIP!

I digress. So, since Jock has been playing hockey for so long (FIVE YEARS NOW!!!) and I STILL do not understand the game very well, I wanted to learn. I saw a thing on the Tips website about a ladies night to learn about the game.

Stud got me a ticket and I went and had a blast! There were about 75-100 women there. They had some refreshments and some fun door prizes. Six of the Tips were up at a table in the front, along with the coach. He told a lot about his history and how he came to coach them and was a very funny and interesting man. I enjoyed his talk. Then we got to ask the Tips a lot of questions. Most of these women knew their stuff. They understand the game better than me and had gone to this annual event before. So I didn't learn much about the actual game, like I thought I would. I am so glad that I went and certainly want to make it a yearly event! I will have to learn the game by taking some time to teach myself.

A lot of the women actually seemed to spend a lot of time tittering and giggling and asking about "Boxers vs Briefs", which I found very immature. I believe they were older women actually there to flirt with these poor guys!??! I really felt bad for the guys and did not want to act like a tittering hag, but I am sure I came across that way. They were SO polite and nice and patient with us.

So after all this, the coach said that the guys would choose six women to come up front with them and we would play a charade type game. I thought it was a neat idea and stuck my hand up right away. I was so excited to be chosen! I knew if I went up there and played this game, it would break the ice and I would not be so nervous and doofusish around them later.

So we had a great time playing this game but our team lost:( It was me and two other women with Clayton Bauer, Shane Harper and Zach Hamill I felt so bad! At one point poor Zach was acting out burying someone and we were shouting all kinds of words! I was sure I said cemetary, but no one heard me:( That was what it ended up being and we lost because of that ONE word! Clayton was having trouble getting us to understand this one word, so in the meantime he ran to the back of the room and grabbed a cookie from the table and was running back up front. We yelled "COOKIE", so we got that one. I thought that was smart, to go on to another word and then get back to the harder one. Later on as we were all talking, he was eating the cookie. I had not had one yet and realised I was hungry. We had all gotten really comfortable, so I asked him if I could have some and he was very sweet and shared it with me.

So here I am with Leland Irving. What a sweetheart this guy is. He seemed to be the women's fave, they were flirting up a storm with the poor lad!

And here is my personal fave, Mr. Zach Dailey. I feel a kinship to him I guess because he is small, like Jock and quite funny, also like Jock. His face just lit up when I was talking to him about Jock playing hockey also and being small and fast like he is. The guys were teasing him a lot when he and I were posing for the picture, since he is not much taller than little old me:) Poor guy! You should all watch this clip and see how he DID have his head up! I just LOVE it when people who don't play sports like this can sit and judge and critique how someone plays. It just blows me away!! I didn't know that the woman I asked to take the photo was standing so far back and did not get a close up shot. Ah well!

Clayton Bauer was quite a guy! Pretty funny. I think he thought I was a little...I dunno. Maybe I irritated him or something. He kept giving me funny looks. He is the one who ultimately chose me to go up front, so maybe he was regretting his choice! LOL Poor guy! So here we are...

Dane Crowley is very familiar with Saskatoon and we spoke of it a bit:) Hard to imagine that he was born a few months before I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! ACK!!

Then of course there is Zach and Shane...

So I hope these DANG photos will line up with the correct explanation. I can NEVER get these things to work. I also want to use italics instead of ALL CAPS, but the bloody thing will never work for me!

So there you are. It was a very fun experience and I hope to see them all again soon. I had hoped to meet Kyle Beach
but maybe that will happen some other time.

Jinny, I STILL have not mailed your goodies, I wanted to get Liam some little thing, and finally did last night. So I will get the parcel in the mail tomorrow, ok?? He gets a treat also, for having such a smart mother!

Alright, better get off of here and take care of my family! Hope everyone has a great week:)


BoufMom9 said...

How exciting!
I know my boys would be beyond thrilled if I met some of their favorite athletes.
You are officially "cool" mum!

Chas said...

I started reading this having no clue what a Silvertip is. I take it they are a hockey team...professional? I have never heard of them, but I'm glad you got to meet them since you're such a fan!

Lowa said...

boufmom9-Thanks! I WAS pretty excited:) I try to be "cool". Jock is a bit annoyed because most of the guys on his hockey team really like me and say I am "tight", whatever that means. He wishes that they all hated me for some reason! LOL

Chas-Sorry it wasn't more clear at the start of the post! LOL I guess I was just assuming that people had clicked on the highlighted words, esp. in any previous posts when I mentioned them. The highlights words would take someone to the places that explain a bit more who and what "Tips" are! LOL It says on their website and the cool link I sent to the videos of Zach Dailey and the goalie Irving that they are in the WHL and some are heading to the NHL! Pretty cool, huh??

Jinny and Colin said...

It would be too fun to go and learn about hockey. Colin would be proud of me if I ever did that. I wonder if Liam will be into hockey...
Anyways, You are a sweetheart. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. :)

Jinny and Colin said...

Oh and I tagged you on my blog!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hockey? What sport is that? Is that the one where you shuffle round things around with long sticks? I thought they called it Shuffleboard. Oh well learn something new everyday. Hey, what league do the Silvertips play in? It would be fun to watch them some time just to tell you that I did. I must admit I miss the Bakersfield Condors. (Smaller league than the Silvertips.) Sounds like you had fun and might have done a little flirting too.:)

sydwynd said...

That's very cool. I like the smaller teams cause they do stuff like that. Our local minor league baseball team has clinics with Boy Scouts where the kids get on the field with the players and do drills. Builds a love of the game and the team.

Glad you had a good time!

Gledwood said...

I'm not that much into sports...

all I remember about North American games apart from that really camp version they play of rugby with all the padding and call it "football" (football = hitting a ball WITH the FOOT: ie what they call soccer!

anyhow what I so vividly remember was these housewives with what seemed like brooms. and this massive stone on the ice. and how very seriously they took the action of moving either it or some other stones to be nearest it... kind of sweeping up type game... is that called "curling"?

i saw it on satellite tv before satellite became the norm in the 1990s and thought to myself "if ever travelling cross-pond and offered choice of Candadian winter sports definitely pick skating instead" haha


Lowa said...

Jinny-What is Colin's fave hockey team?? Be cute if Liam plays ones day!

I know, I will try and do the tag this weekend. Thanks!

Tim-Tips play in the WHL. Western Hockey League. I don't think the games are ever televised. Would be cool if they were since Princess was interviewed at one on the big screen a few weeks ago.

FLIRT!??! MOI!?!? I sure didn't mean to, but after reading what I wrote, I can see how it could seem that way. ICK! That is NOT ME! LOL

Lowa said...

Vince-Yes, I know what you mean:)

Gledwood- Welcome! LOVE the hamster:) yes, that is indeed curling. I have never understood it, but had to do it in PE in high school in Canada. Most of the people on my Dad's side of the family play every winter. I don't get it, nor do I care to get it. Looks silly to me! LOL

Yes, I hear you about picking skating instead, although I can't do that either! LOL That is why I am so glad my kids can. I don't care to learn, truth be told. I am more of a running/jogging type person. If I do ANYTHING, that is:)