Saturday, February 16, 2008

More answers revealed

Well, I had fun getting some little goodies for the winner yesterday:) I have a few more things in mind and will get them mailed on Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday. Well, I guess I need her address first. I don't want to give too much away, but I WILL say that she lives in Canada:) What a smart woman!

Ok, so here we go. Two more lies and ONE truth ~

Lie # 1 for today

8. When I was at bible camp as a child, I accidently broke my archery instructor's finger when she was trying to help me.

I am SO clutzy and clumsy and not at all talented in much of anything that is physical. All I could ever do was run track. Not too hard to just run around a track. I was actually so good that in relays, I was either first or last. I don't even remember the terms now, but I was a FAST little thing! LOL

I played volleyball (and SUCKED) and was always the last chosen for any team. I remember I had a crush on this one boy and I ended up on his team in something in gym class. I was SO SAD because he was clearly upset that he got me and yelled at me pretty much the entire class. I don't even remember what we were playing, but I was just mortified that I had to be on HIS team and he was clearly irritated. It was nice though because after class, he actually came up to me and told me that he was sorry, he is just very competitive and wanted to win and he should not have treated me like that. I was so impressed that he did that! He ended up dying in a car accident in the late 80's:( He was such a sweet guy.

ANYWAY, when I was at camp and took archery, I COULD NOT get the dern arrow to release. I could not hold the thing right AND release the thing. So when the poor woman came to help me, she had her fingers all in there and told me what to do. She TOLD me to release and I did, but somehow snapped the thing hard on her finger and she jumped back screaming about her finger being broken. It wasn't, thank goodness, but it was badly damaged and I felt terrible:(

Lie # 2

5. After some years of problems, my mother just recently went blind. My father is almost deaf and it is incredible to watch them work together to care for all the foster babies they love so much.

This was a mean one:( My poor SIL in SC thought it could possibly be true. She knows my mother has had eye trouble in years past, so it is not THAT far fetched. But no, Mum's eyes are fine now, as is Dad's hearing. They have a foster baby now who they THINK is blind and that led me to embellish the whole thing:) SORRY!

Now...drum roll please...for the FIRST truth ~

3. I miscarried a baby before having Cryptic.

This is true. Stud and I were married in Saskatoon and then immediately moved to SC. I suffered from culture shock and was quite sick. I got ovarian cysts and was scared and in pain. We had no health insurance and Stud was VERY mad that it cost $250 one day to take me to the Dr. and get them to do all kinds of tests to find out that a cyst had ruptured the day before. I was glad to finally know what was going on, I thought I had been nutso with the pain and discomfort and odd periods, etc. Anyway, they told me I could continue to suffer from this until I got pregnant. They said once I got pregnant, I would likely never have this problem again. We were not ready to have kids so soon after getting married, but I always dreamed of being a mother and thought it was too good to be true.

Anyway, in August of 1991 we drove up here to live. I told Stud I was going off the pill. That was contributing to my problem and it was very...I didn't like it. They had tried me on two or three different ones and I just did not like taking them. None of them worked well at all. Then that fall I had a HORRIBLE period. As in I could not go in to work, my boobs hurt (which had NEVER happened, I always had easy periods) I was in agony with cramps, back ache, etc etc. I won't get too graphic, was VERY messy. So then that next spring, I started to feel the same way, but without the horrid cramps and missing work. We discovered I was pregnant with Cryptic. I wondered briefly if I had been pregnant before and just not known. When Cryptic was about 6 months old, I was reading a magazine in a Doctor's office and it was saying some statistic about some % of first pregnancies ending in miscarriage and the women don't even know. I remember thinking how fortunate I was, because my first pregnancy had ended in a precious baby boy. Then it dawned on me...maybe it hadn't! I asked my Dr. about it and he said that is certainly what had happened.

So there you have it! The final two lies and truth will be revealed very soon!


BoufMom9 said...

Darn! You got me! LOL
Well I got one right...

Katie Cesaro said...

So I'm guessing it is too late to guess?! I just go on and saw you are giving out the answers! I guessed the water skiing and the meeting your husband were tru! Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon!


Lowa said...

Boufmom9-Yes, good for you! Especially since you do not know me at all, I think you did awesome. Don't forget to tell me the reasons why you chose the ones you did, ok?? I am curious!

KT-HEY WOMAN! I didn't know that you even read my blog?? Ah, both of those are great guesses. Yes indeed, we shall find out very soon. Your brother had gone to get milk for all of us and then we have to rearrange the Rec Room to make room for the baby grand being delivered tomorrow! Thanks for all your help on that, btw:)

Don't forget to send me pictures of my nephews, ok?? Remember what I said on the phone;I know you just sit around and eat bonbons and watch soaps all day:) teehee

BoufMom9 said...

I picked the miscarriage because I figured no mommy would lie about something like that.(no real mommy anyway)
I picked your parents because you had mentioned them fostering to me before and I just figured noone would say such a thing about their parents without it being so. So, that said, I did find it "funny" when you gave your explanation that you felt guilty too. I would be the same. LOL

Lowa said...

Yes, good point on the miscarriage thing. I am a tad ashamed of the blind/deaf thing, but I thought it sounded good and may be tricky. I DO feel guilty, especially making my SIL worry like I did:(

Jinny and Colin said...

Woohoo!! I got one right! Marian said that I got my second guess wrong. :( Oh well. This is a fun thing to do on your blog though, love it!