Friday, February 15, 2008

Please don't get snot on me

So we have adopted something from the Super Nanny.

She had something called the "Reflection Chair" and kids need to sit in there for every minute of their age. Whilst in the chair, they write down what they did, why and what they could have done differently. When the time is up, they go to the "Conversation Couch" and talk with the parent/adult about what they wrote.

We have started doing this. A week or so ago, Clown was in the chair and wrote this ~

"I think it was wrong to hit her, but like I said she got snot on me but I do think I could have said 'Princess please don't get snot on me.'"

If memory serves, he had said something funny and when she laughed, she snorted a bit and some...stuff flew out and dribbled on him. Like HE never gets snot on HER!?!?

Speaking as the younger sister of three older brothers also, it seems we can NEVER do anything right:( If she had not laughed, she would have been in trouble. When she DID, and something accidently happens that she has no control over...WHAMO! Man, we just can't win!

Here is the scoundrel hugging his new teddy bear yesterday morning...

How could I get annoyed with this little man???


Jude said...

What a great idea, the Reflection Chair and Conversation Couch!

Lowa said...

I am telling you, the woman is AMAZING! I LOVE HER!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Love what you true. Can't be right no matter what you do.
BTW I have adopted quite a few of Super Nanny's things and every single thing has worked very well. She is brillant!