Saturday, February 23, 2008

Roller Blades and such

We were perusing the aisles in T.arget yesterday when Princess spotted some roller blades. It dawned on me that neither Princess nor Clown have ever owned a pair. They used Cryptic and Jock's old ones a few years back, but those were the cheap Fisher Price ones that you strap onto your runners. Cryptic and Jock had them when they were VERY young, so they had obviously outgrown all the kids and gone to Goodwill since then.

Since the ones Princess noted were only $14.99, I got them both a pair. She asked Clown to get some so he could skate with her. He didn't care either way. Until he strapped them on and got out there today:) Here they are a few minutes ago, having a great time out in the sunshine:)

Then, Clown asked, "Wanna race??" and they were off!!!

You may note that Princess, ever the cautious one, opted to wear winter gloves to protect her hands, should she take a spill. She was pretty worried when Clown decided he didn't need any! She is such a little mother!

So Stud is taking me to a movie and out to eat tonight. I am SO EXCITED! Have not been on a "date" in some time. I am going to be bad. I have been SO BAD with eating better this year. I did great until we went to Vegas and then fell off the wagon. Stud and I have started working out at LA Fitness three times a week and I think I am thinking since I am doing that, I can eat what I want again. *sigh* I wish I had willpower!

Ok, I am sure the next post will be all about meeting some of the Silvertips. I know I keep yapping about it, but I really will get to it soon. Not that any of you care, but it is exciting to ME:)


BoufMom9 said...

They look so cute and happy out there! (also looks so lovely and warm! I LONG for warm weather! sigh)
Have a wonderful night out and do cheat a little. If you only get out every once in a blue moon, you may as well make the most of it!

Jinny and Colin said...

Seriously...IS IT THAT NICE WHERE YOU LIVE?!!!! Wow. that's so sweet. What movie did you go see? :)

Lowa said...

Boufmom9-Yes, it is very warm and nice and I can understand you longing for warmer weather. We always want what we don't have. I miss the snow/cold SO BAD. I want COLD and clearly identifiable seasons. Here there are two seasons; cloudy and rainy and rainy/less cloud some sun. It is always warm here. "Cold" to these people is about 45 degrees F.

I know I should cheat a little. The trouble is once I cheat a little, I cheat a LOT! LOL But thanks for the support:)

Jinny-Nice in what way?? Weather wise?? Shoot girl, I should post photos of down the other direction of that street. You can see the Pacific Ocean! LOL I will post some pics or maybe put some on Facebook for you to see, ok???

We saw "Jumper". It was pretty cool, we know Jock and Cryptic will like it. Today I am going to use a free ticket and take Jock to it while Cryptic watches Princess and Stud gets some time with Clown. They will go up to the local school parking lot for Clown to roller blade some more in an more open space or something. Then when Jock and I get back, Stud will take Cryptic to the movie. It costs more to do it this way, but we try to spend time with each kid and Stud gets a LOT of time with Jock and Princess because of hockey and not as much with Cryptic and Clown. So anyway, that is the plan. I liked it, but am not thrilled to see it again so soon!! LOL We had to check it out first to see if it was OK for the two older boys. We both commented on how much they would enjoy it, so that is the plan for today. Sorry for such a long explanation.

Chas said...

I think roller blading is scary, not for other people...just for me. I don't know if it's b/c I grew up skating on roller skates or what, but I found roller blades to be difficult. I couldn't get used to tilting my skate back to stop. Just thinking about it makes me nervous.

Lowa said...

Chas-I have never tried it and have no desire to! I can't even roller skate and SUCK at skating on ice. Everyone assumes that since I am from Canada I should be able to skate, but I can't. So I know EXACTLY what you mean:)